Saturday, August 8, 2009

This entry is to develop good blogging habits! Two days in a row! :)

So this is by far the most interesting thing to happen to me today. I went out to lunch with a friend, and he had been fixing his friends' computer, and wasnt done when I was ready to meet... so his friend (who I know back from last year) decided to come along too. This guy is not a bad guy, but he is one of those that can be really fun but exhausting to hang out with at the same time. I sometimes feel shame, at other times I feel like I am babysitting, but it's all in good fun, right? Anyway, when we were done with lunch, he had to go to work. He is currently working as some kind of martial arts' instructor. You know me, they are all "karate" to me! LOL. So we went over to the gym and he opened it up for us and got things ready for his lessons. Then I was struck with inspiration! This is what I came up with and already talked through with him. I want to be scheduling another photo shoot in maybe a month or two... this one is for free, for the sole purpose of advertising my business... I need the owners to say its OK, but here's the plan

I have a friend who works at a gym as a martial arts instructor, and he teaches 100 kids. So I was thinking about going to one of the lessons and doing a photo shoot. Get home, do some editing, and get some prints. The week after (or whenever I am done) I go back and send the kids home with an evelope with a Group Shot, a Headshot, and a business card! Maybe throw in a flyer that explains what kind of events I plan on working through (Weddings, birthday parties, banquets, dances, athletic events, etc...)

wow... that would be an out of normal original, and very impresive...that would be quite expensive, but u gotta think bout it as a "first" step to a bigger business...

i like ur idea very much....

if u really beleve God's with u in this.......u will for sure succeed in this "move"


well, I think it wont cost me more than 30 euros, and if 1 out of 20 parents wants a shoot (and we are talking about people with money here) then I would get between 500 and 1000 euros. If one out of 20 wants, between 250 and 500... and, you know... just do the math. Even if just 2 people want it, that is still more money than I would have put into it. Plus, I would still get the advertising, and I would still get the experience.

BTW, you are (of course) expected to come and get some video footage of this session, I think it would really add some variety to the couple shoots and all that, you know?

Like, in a gym, surrounded by people.... I like it! :):)

I would definetly need your camera though, because my camera would NOT do well with that kind of lighting! :/:/


count on me..... ;);)

yes.... it's all bout experience and getting into the business...


yeah, so then I am thinking... maybe only a few people call (more than likely, actually) but then if they are satisfied customers, they might refer me to other people, you know? So, I dont know... i am hoping this works out. I am also thinking that I can do this a bunch of times if I want, with different activities. I dont know, I will check it out and see how it goes this time around. :):)

One of the other things I was wanting to do was some other sports related photo shoots. I am going to go the biggest park in Bilbao one day and randomly shoot people playing basketball. My friend Ienego is one of the guys who is there a lot and he says that people are always taking pictures and that the regular players dont mind, and sometimes even pose! I think I will just get there, shoot some pictures, hand out some business cards... see what happens.
I just keep on thinking about marketability lately and different ways of putting myself out there! Its crazy, I've never been much of a sales person at all! I remember that I was also thinking back in the day of having a t shirt designed, also for publicity. It may not be classy, but feel that its professional (kinds like a uniform, black skinnies, black shirt, and some awesome belt and scarf to make it fun) and I think that visually it helps get my name out there. I noticed when I was shooting pictures in downtown Bilbao on my very first shoot (with the same friend, Ienego) that people are always staring, sometimes even stoping, to see what you're doing. So I was thinking of getting a t-shirt designed. Black, white letters, and it says my website on the back of it or something. You know? I also feel like that also helps get people's attention.
Of course, this is going to actually COST me money, but I find that it is one of the basic principles of good business to be aware that in order to make money you must first spend money. So.. any thoughts? I really hope this works. Also, I feel like God is with me on this, and I also feel that with this and with another more personal matter He is calling me to once again trust Him with the outcome. So... that's basically what has happened today. I am tired from work, I think I am going to record a video to a friends' FB wall and call it a night! :)

Peace Out


Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Post! YAY!

Okay, so here's the thing. You know when you can see something is coming for a really long time but you try to ignore it, knowing that it is pointless because it will catch up with you anyway? Yeah, thats how I feel about blogging! I have known for months that I would be creating one of these, and yet I tried to get away with my very rare note on facebook. Oh, well, here it is, my blog. "Hi mom!" Oh, wait, my mom doesn't even use facebook, so not even my mom is reading this! Sad. Funny! LOL
Anyway, I kinda decided to go ahead and write a blog since I have been working on my photography website for the past 3 days. You can't be a photographer without a blog, right? So I hope that I actually really get into the habit of updating and all, although it is pretty pointless since my business will be in Spanish and I keep writing in English. Oooh... well... I will have to transalte myself, how fun! :P
So... I dont know what else to say. Enjoy this lame blog! Ha!

... I feel like I should say something about my experience in Scotland, but I am going to put it off until tomorrow so that I have TWO blog posts and it looks like I'm actually getting somewhere with this.
So... since I have nothing else interesting to say... sorry.


PS: I should really blog on my myspace music account... but I dont have much to say. Remind me later... mom? :P