Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Post! YAY!

Okay, so here's the thing. You know when you can see something is coming for a really long time but you try to ignore it, knowing that it is pointless because it will catch up with you anyway? Yeah, thats how I feel about blogging! I have known for months that I would be creating one of these, and yet I tried to get away with my very rare note on facebook. Oh, well, here it is, my blog. "Hi mom!" Oh, wait, my mom doesn't even use facebook, so not even my mom is reading this! Sad. Funny! LOL
Anyway, I kinda decided to go ahead and write a blog since I have been working on my photography website for the past 3 days. You can't be a photographer without a blog, right? So I hope that I actually really get into the habit of updating and all, although it is pretty pointless since my business will be in Spanish and I keep writing in English. Oooh... well... I will have to transalte myself, how fun! :P
So... I dont know what else to say. Enjoy this lame blog! Ha!

... I feel like I should say something about my experience in Scotland, but I am going to put it off until tomorrow so that I have TWO blog posts and it looks like I'm actually getting somewhere with this.
So... since I have nothing else interesting to say... sorry.


PS: I should really blog on my myspace music account... but I dont have much to say. Remind me later... mom? :P

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