Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 minutes

It is 3 am in Spain. What am I doing up? Well, I was editing a slideshow, hoping to finish. Like I usually do every once in a while I take a little facebook break, make sure I am not missing out on anything important or whatever. So I see a status update on a friend which is linked to a youtube video. To keep it short there were people out there doing small things to them that were big things to others, in God's name. I want to be one of those people. I think I get stuck in thinking about how much time I will have to sacrifice to do things like that. Most of the time I'm not even as busy as I claim to be. It happens. Anyway, I find that one of the things that I am always putting off and "too busy to do right now" is my quiet time. I know, big mistake. But it seems that God is always teaching me something new. I have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks that if I give God an inch, he can stretch it a mile. What I mean with this is... I always want to have amazingly long quiet times where I dedicate my whole attention to God for extended periods of time. What is the problem with that? I end up considering how long its going to take me and keep on putting it off until it is WAY too late to start now. So... what I have been doing lately is just give God... 5, 10, 15 minutes. Its not a lot. I just sit down and even if its for 5 minutes I give him as much of my attention as I possibly can. Sometimes I talk. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I just soak in the peace. It is amazing what can happen in 5 minutes!! What else could possibly change your life (for the better) in 5 minutes? Also, I will say that a lot of times those "5 minutes" turn into a longer period of time. Gosh, I would hope so! That is one of the best parts too...
Anyway, I guess that this whole rambling is to say: Give Him 5 minutes. Even if you're just driving to the store, or during a commercial break, or whatever. Give God 5 minutes because, hey, if He created everything in 7 days... He could do something amazing in your life in 5 minutes, right?
One more thing I've been doing lately is that if I find that I am feeling worried, overwhelmed, doubtful, scared, or particularily stressed... I just hand it over to God. Sometimes I actually physically raise it up to Him. It takes some practice, faith, and repetition... but eventually I do start letting go of whatever it is and place it in His hands where it belongs.
So... this is my little update. Other than that I am doing the usual. I will update on my recent activities later on. I need to finish this slideshow and go to bed!

Love! Love!