Tuesday, January 12, 2010

July: Tim & Elisha's Wedding

July: Wow, this is a big one! So much so that it will be divided into several blog entries. What happened that was such a big deal? Well, as many of you know it all adds up to one word: Scotland. OK, so that's more of a place than a word, but you get the point! I had the opportunity to go on my first job out of town, second shooting my very first wedding with my Chicago-based photographer friend, Jacob Preedin. The whole trip lasted 9 days, but it was nonstop from start to finish! I love the mix of stress and excitement that comes from an adventure like that, it's kind of addicting, somewhat overwhelming, but you turn around and miss it as soon as its over and you settle back to your stressful but unexciting routine. Anyway, nonstop is a way of describing our Scotland experience. From the very start! We went straight from the airport, by bus, to catch a 3 hour train ride. Beautiful landscapes. You don't even know! We were picked up and taken straight to the house to leave our luggage, on to the chapel for the rehearsal, dinner, and then the hotel to get our equipment ready to be out the door in the early morning. I swear I kept saying "Go! Go! Go!" in my mind. The only down time we had was our little escape with the maid of honor to a nearby McDonald's to use their internet! You can call us American internet junkies, we wont deny it! Except for the maid of honor, she had to be Canadian. :P Haha. By the end of the night I was getting somewhat nervous, it being my first wedding and all, but I did get some direction from Jacob and that helped me get on my feet and into action!

Here is a little video of me before leaving the hotel room to meet with the girls:

The people at this wedding were SO amazing about everything! We all hit it off completely and made some really nice friendships through this awesome wedding. I have so many memories, I can't believe it lasted just a day and a half before everyone was gone! It seems more like a week or something! :) This wedding deserves... a million blog posts of its own. I don't even know how to narrow it down. I will just upload some pictures, and if you want to see the wedding slideshow bigger, you can see it on my website here: http://www.adinanoelphoto.showitsite.com/#/t-e-slideshow-5pg-1/

Last Minute Advice

Pre-Wedding Glow :)

I Can See You

You May Kiss The Bride

The wedding was beautiful. It was just a beautiful happy place. We had all been hoping the skies would clear, but they didnt. So for our wedding party shoot we had to relocate. We initially wanted to be out near some castle in Scotland, but... the rain, so we ended up shooting in a gigantic greenhouse with the most amazing flowers and trees everywhere.

Looking On Love

Tim & Elisha had the most fun reception. I am not sure if this is a Canadian thing or what... but the guests, instead of tapping their glass when they wanted the newlyweds to kiss, they would tap and then sing a song "any song!" that contains the word "love" Well... you can imagine how that turned out! We heard everything from "All You Need Is Love" to "The Cheeseburger Song!" :) I have a short video of the Cheeseburger song. Unfortunately, my battery died at the VERY end of it, so its missing the best part.

Cutting Wedding Cupcakes

The wedding ended and we all had to say goodbye for now. Sad, but glad that we had the chance to all be there together and have such a great time.

Until We Meet Again

This was the most international wedding anyone had ever been to. (According to the caterers it was also the most fun, and the loudest! :P ) There were people there from: Scotland, Canada, Holland, Spain, U.S.A., several places in the U.K, and I'm sure a bunch of other places I can't think of right now! The most impressive was the groom's grandmother, who flew in from Australia. For that alone she deserves having her picture posted! :)

The Grandma Who Flew Across The World

The next morning, when we'd all had our rest we (Tim, Elisha, Jacob, and I) went on our way to do a trash the dress session in the most radioactive city in the UK! Sorry, I had to throw that fun fact in there somewhere. I am pretty sure I saw it glow in the dark! ;) Back to my point, the trash the dress session. We had decided on two different settings, one was the middle of the intersection of a main street in Aberdeen, the other was on the beach. We were really pressed for time (had a little under an hour to do the whole thing) but it was fun, and cars honked at us and waved, and by the time we were finished we'd all literally got our feet wet at the beach.

Downtown Kiss


Where You Go, I Go.

Poor Tim had to go straight to return his tux, and it was still wet! Haha. Oh, well, the really nice man at the AMAZING "place of awesome kilts" didn't seem to mind at all. I love it when people are like that! :) After that Tim&Elisha went on their honeymoon, and we stayed back in "The 'Deen" for the day before going on with our awesome Scottish adventure... of which I will blog about next time!

...and, yes, I DID just pull a "To Be Continued..." on you! Haha.

Tim & Elisha, I've said it a million times and I will say it again. I can not thank you enough for letting me be a part of your wedding! I love you guys! :)

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