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Winter/Spring 2009 Overview

Happiest 2010 everybody.

I know its kind of a cliché to say it, but I can't believe a whole year has gone by.

Where did it go? I have so many things to say about 2009 that I am lost in trying to find a place to start. I spent a while trying to figure it out, and writing a draft. I figured the best way to do it is to break it down. This is my overview of Winter/Spring 2009. Here we go!!

JANUARY: It amazes me to think of last January, and how much my life has changed in the past year. I shouldn't be surprised that my life got a little shaken up, after all we did have a cyclone that hit town! Floods everywhere kept things interesting for about a week. We even had to go rescue Anna from school one day, when they called during 4th period to say they were forced to evacuate! Don't worry, I have pictures! ;)

Anyway, looking back now I distinctly remember that season of my life, sitting on the steps of my building, praying in the dark, and hearing God tell me that this would be a year of preparation. I thought I understood, but I had no idea in how many ways my life would be challenged, and how many things I would prepare for! At the time I was broken hearted because I poured my heart and soul into applying to that music scholarship for Berklee College of Music, and got turned down. I finally thought I would have some direction in my life, real goals, a real college experience, and just as quickly as it came, it turned around and disappeared before my very eyes. The first time I had prayed that hard for something, the first time I had really fully trusted God with a situation. I didn't understand why things didn't fall into place. I just knew that I felt at peace about it, that God was in control, and that was what would have to keep me going. It took me a while to get there though, my initial reaction was (of course) thinking that I would be stuck being a waitress for the rest of my days. I pictured myself gray haired, bags under my eyes, loudly chewing on gum and repeating endlessly "What can I get you to drink, sweetie?!" 'till my dying breath. In case its not obvious, I hate waitressing. Nothing wrong with the job, just not my cup of tea. That being said, I've had to drink from that cup for 2 1/2 years of my life, and I can't say that I really developed much of a taste for it. Surprisingly though, God somehow got through to me where I understood that I just needed to seek Him, and trust Him with my life. And so, what seemed like the end, turned out to be a new beginning.

I also didn't get much of a chance to mope around. Three days after I got the news about the scholarship, I got terribly sick. I had an awful respiratory infection that sent me to the ER three times, the ambulance home once, 103 fever, and I was practically deaf for 9 days. Nothing like being sick as a dog to be humbled and force you to prioritize things, I guess.

At that time I had finally saved enough money to buy the electric guitar of my dreams, I was so excited! Unfortunately it turned out to be out of stock everywhere in Europe, what are the odds, right? So I turned around and bought myself a new digital camera instead. I wasn't really thinking of photography at all, I just wanted to have a nice camera and had always wanted to buy a bigger more professional camera.... not a slim, light, pink camera with hello kitty on it. So I did.
Skating Fun


I guess I was influenced by all my new photographer friends on facebook, because I started doing little shoots of friends and family and just couldn't get enough of it. I kept busy with my part-time job, photoshop class, and took up singing lessons, but pretty much put music on the back burner for a while. I did find myself constantly daydreaming and coming up with new ideas for shoots and wishing I could put them to action. So I started studying photography on my own, online, and spending way too much time on facebook... as most do! :) These are some shots from my first few shoots.

Stalin - First Shoot


I did my first shoot for real "clients" (meaning, people who I wasn't directly related to or friends with) thought I didn't get payed or anything. I did a cute family shoot of a couple an their twin daughters. I got a bit more comfortable with directing, and got a few decent shots. I was definitely starting to crave a better camera though. My grandma also came to visit from the US, and that always makes me happy.


April :
By April I pretty much had shot all my friends. How violent does that sound? Haha. Oh, well... I found that most people will be a good sport as long as you double pinky promise to delete all the horribly awful pictures. Which I do. Why would I want a bunch of horrible pictures of people anyway? Well, I have entertained the idea of having a "Blackmail" folder on my computer, but the one time I tried to put it to action, my friend loved all the weird pictures of him. Jacob Preedin, you're a funny man...

Humpty Dumpty

Spring Smiling

Overexposed and Intense

Occasionally I would pose while my sisters took pictures, you know, to be a good sport. I have to say in the end I decided its best if I stay on my usual side of the camera. Some things just can't be photoshopped out! Haha.

This is why I stay on the other side of the camera

May: The month of May came around, and with it my dear friend Amanda Iriana. We had the amazing opportunity to travel together for a week and discover Barcelona and Valencia. Even met up with Sergi Carós Massegur and made some future plans to record together.

It was such a wonderful bonding experience, crazy adventures getting lost everywhere and high-fiving when we finally found a place all on our ow

n, and of course awesome heart-to-heart conversations till way too late. I learned an important lesson with her, if we say "tomorrow we will get up early and go visit..." don't count on it. We never got up early like we said we would. Not once.

Barcelona Cliché

Well, this is it for winter/spring 2009. Can't wait to blog about the summer!

"We are Mmm...editerranean!!"

We are Mediterranean

"I don't photoshop my arms, I just have a high daily protein intake. Honest." :)

I don't photoshop my arms, I just have a large daily protein intake! :P

I love sea life. :)

I love sea life.


L'Oceanoraphic - Valencia

Simply Adina

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