Wednesday, February 10, 2010

July 2009::: Adventures in Scotland, With Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin... "Loch Ness/Urquhart Castle"

Sorry to have left you hanging with that "to be continued" for a month. I was going to blame it on the Christmas season, and then I saw that my last post was on January 12th. Oops! I guess I will blame it on "life" and take up my title as a terrible blogger. Anyway, HERE WE GO!!

The day after our trash-the-dress session we slept in WAAAAAAAAAAY too much (recovering from the so-called "hangover" of shooting a big wedding) and we went on our way to adventure-land! Actually, we more specifically went to catch a train that was to take us to Inverness, the small town right by Loch Ness. I distinctly remember that the taxi driver was SO nice, and a fan of photography. Just for that, I mention him on the blog! ;)

Now, you should know that the only thing I was really obsessed about visiting while in Scotland was Loch Ness. I had this thing about how I was going to find Nessie and all that. Yeah, about that...


...I had no idea how HUGE Loch Ness actually was. I will put it this way... we were riding a bus from Inverness to Urquhart Castle for 20 minutes, and the whole 20 minutes we had Loch Ness next to us. Needless to say, I never did see Nessie... but... I choose to believe! :D

Endless Beauty

If for some reason you didn't know this about me, you should find out now. Drama has a thing for me, really. It's a love-hate relationship. I have also found that my geometry tutor was right, I really DO make things unnecessarily complicated. Keep both of those things in mind to understand this next part of the visit...

Welcome To Urquhart Castle

Jacob and I had to travel around with all of our luggage on us. You know, the 50 lbs weight allowance that always seems way too low when you're packing? Let me tell you, I was SO thankful for it during this trip. Yeah.This trip taught me the importance of good quality suitcases with wheels that spin properly and nice long handles. At a given point, in Inverness, we got lost looking for the bus stop. We went all the way around the biggest post office I have seen in my life, to look for the bus station. I thought my vertebrae would fuse together as I spent about 20 minutes walking while bent sideways in order to be able to drag my big suitcase by the regular mid-body handle, since the upper one (meant to use with the wheels) was broken, all this, of course, with the additional weight and clunky-ness from also having my backpack and camera bag on me. When we got to the castle, however, we figured it would get better.

Well... the castle lays bellow this amazingly long hill, and once you get down to it there are stone steps everywhere. Not a very suitcase-friendly environment. The store wouldn't hold our suitcases for us (security reasons) and we had to come up with something. We discussed abandoning our suitcases behind a gigantic bush, but decided against it. So... Jacob and I decided to take turns going in and taking pictures. His turn first. I just sat outside, prayed, and tried to randomly entertain myself for the 45 minutes it took for him to come back out.

Adina's Self Entertainment 101:

1) Making up, in my mind, the conversations that the other tourists were having while walking by. Those people were crazy! ;)

2) Looking for Nessie.

3) "Only in Scotland can one be sitting on a bench in the sun, in July, and be cold."

4) Seriously considering running to the shore and stealing some Loch Ness water and storing it in my water bottle to later take home to my secret lab and use to conduct evil experiments with!!!

What??? I told you I had to entertain myself for 45 minutes, what did you expect??! :D

Anyway, after all that it was finally my turn to go in! Now, remember that thing about drama having a crush on me? Well, as I start going in through the doors, this lady in a golf cart starts driving by telling us that the place is closing in 10 minutes! What?? So... I had to literally run up and down, and try to compose a decent shot, while having this lady ride around in circles around me telling me that they were closing for the day! Haha. Funny thing is, they weren't in such a hurry to close the gift shop, when I was giving them money! ;)

Green Scotland

See that man calmly going up the steps? Yeah, he had the right idea!

After that quick visit we slowly dragged our evil suitcases up the horrible hill, and sat in a parking lot trying to figure out if we would have to spend the night in Inverness or try to catch the last bus down to Glasgow to visit James&Sarah Mayers. This moment of my life I remember as "That time that I accidentally dropped Jacob's Canon 5D with the $1200 lens rental on the parking lot!" He is such a good friend. He didn't even kill me, which is good because if he had I wouldn't be able to tell you what happened on our NEXT Adventure In Scotland!!! :D

Stand Your Ground Until The End

I love Urquhart Castle! :)


  1. Amazing! seems fragile isn´t? Perfect angle!
    I'm imagining a scene from harry potter there!!

  2. Ooooh... I can see it too! Like an epic battle with their awesome wands and robes! :D