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July 2009::: Adventures in Scotland, with Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin... "Edinburgh Day Trip"

We decided that it would probably be best to try to catch the last bus down to Glasgow. So we did. Unfortunately we had to sit separately, and it was a pretty boring and rainy trip down there. Did you know that you can have connecting buses? Yeah, I definitely didn't know that. Half way down two buses met and we were told that we had to switch. This turned out to mean that we had to wait and stand in the rain for about 40 minutes, being told they didn't know if we would have a seat on the new bus: Oh, the joy! Fortunately God kinda likes us, and we ended up having a spot on the bus. Pretty sure we sat together too... which is good. I hate sitting apart from people.

We got to Glasgow pretty late, and Jake's awesome friend Sarah Mayers (Jacob shot her wedding the previous year) came to pick us up. We got some fish and chips to go while we waited for her... when she showed up the first thing she did was leave her car parked illegally to run in and get some for herself! She was such a happy, upbeat, funny girl with such a bubbly personality that right after our hello's and her running in to get her "chipper" I turned to Jacob and said "Wow... I love her already!" Haha. I am glad to say that I still do to this day, and we have become good friends.

Anyway, more on Glasgow later.

We stayed with Sarah and her husband James, and the next day she sent us out to catch a train and adventure in Edinburgh all on our own. At this point of the trip I was pretty tired and not so thrilled that it was so rainy and cold all the time... let's just say I got a little cranky. Buuuut..... I started exploring Edinburgh and it didn't take too long before I started taking pictures! That also makes me be in a better mood instantly... which is why at first I avoided it, because I am a bit stubborn like that sometimes! Haha.

I loved the whole feel of Edinburgh. In a way it feels very old-timey. Medieval, even. You have this huge castle and streets made of stone... and yet it's definitely a modern-day busy city. I liked it very much.

Edinburgh Church

It amazes me to be able to walk across things like THIS!!

Next stop was, of course, Edinburgh Castle! What can I say about a castle that you haven't heard a million times? It was huge, on top of a giant hill, and you could see all of Edinburgh from there. We walked around and took a million pictures. Here are some:

One Man, One Castle

Walking up to the castle.

Welcome To Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Window

Medieval Shooter

We also got harassed by one of the security people for taking pictures where we weren't supposed to. Oops! There was a really annoying security guard though... he started following us around. At one point he came up to Jacob and said that he had seen him take a picture (which he hadn't) and didn't believe him until he showed him the camera. Wow... we got out of that part of the castle fast! Haha.

Log Of Awesome

Edinburgh Castle Wall

From Edinburgh With Love

Edinburgh Downhill

It's like a whole town in there!

As we were walking by we ran into a tour guide with a group. I like to listen in for a bit and get to know the insider scoop on the place. This is what I learned at the castle. They shoot cannons every day! How great is that? Its a tradition by now. You would think that it started in battle, but it didn't. Apparently they used the cannon as a sound signal for the boats in the harbor. Some people have lighthouses, but not the Scotts! They have cannons! Haha. They fire the cannon every day at 1 pm. They are also smart enough to notice that since Scotland is such a place for tradition, their inhabitants are too, and as such are happy Scotch drinkers. Therefore, they don't fire the cannon on Sundays, so as to not wake up the hungover peasants! OK, maybe I added that last bit... but they really don't fire it on Sundays. Being a happy Sunday nap taker, that just makes me love Scotland even more.

Morning Wake Up Call

Why Men Go To Scotland

I think he's trying to tell me something... :P

Narrow Alley

This alley was so narrow that if you had your arms stretched out you would be able to touch both sides. Call me silly, but I think that's cool. :)

Downtown Edinburgh

I love this man for letting me take his picture!

After we ate lunch, bought souvenirs, and discussed who would look better in a kilt, we took a train back to Glasgow to meet back with Sarah. Fun fact: We both fell asleep on the train ride and were woken up at the last stop by the train guy yelling "LAST STOP, GLASGOOOOH!!!" In the most awesome Scottish accent ever!

Fully rested we met with Sarah and went straight to a local church to try to make it to a Heidi Baker conference. We get to the door... full house. Volunteers working the event say there's no room for anyone else... and what happened next was what I will tell you about in my NEXT Adventure in Scotland!! :D

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