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July 2009::: Adventures in Scotland, with Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin... "Heidi Baker Conference"

Fun bit: Before going to Scotland my mom had been telling me to try to find a church she went to when she visited Glasgow a while back. She said you could really find God there and that it was a really international church and tried to tell me the name and directions to get there, which, if you know me at all you'll know is almost pointless. I pretty much forgot about it, and when I came home and told her about it and showed her the pictures, this was it!! I had been to the church she fondly calls "my church in Scotland" and I didn't even know it. I like to think that it was meant to happen! ;)


When we got to Glasgow Elim Church, we were welcomed by a huge line to the door that didn't seem to be moving. There was much confusion going on. First we were told that there wasn't any room for more. Everyone stayed. I think that in itself shows how much people wanted to be there! After a couple minutes we were told that even the overflow rooms were full. The lobby was full. EVERYTHING was full. Still, everyone stayed. A short while later, we were told that people would slowly be allowed in... and people started squeezing in. The fire marshall would have been proud, I'm sure!

________________________________Not exactly roomie, is it?______________________________

Finally we were standing inside the sanctuary, by the sound techs, trying to not be in their way. The worship team sang some songs and we saw a video of Heidi's work in Africa. Everyone was having a great time, and you could feel the anticipation growing. Then, finally, Heidi came out.

__________________Standing by the sound techs. Loving the waving flag.__________________

Everyone was so excited, flags waving, faces
smiling. I, for one, was very intrigued, since I had never even heard of her. So the evening began... The very first thing she did totally caught me by surprise. She said something to the effect of "All you people standing in the back there (us, and another large group) you know what we do in Africa? We say there's always room for everybody. Come up front and sit on the floor, that's what the children do!" So we all walked up to the very front, and got to listen to the whole thing from about 10 feet away. It was so great, and I couldn't help but think upon Luke 14:11 when Jesus said "Go and sit at the last place. Then when the host comes he may very well say, 'Friend, come up to the front." I know its a bit out of context with what He was teaching, but it made me smile. Then she started talking and it was simply amazing.

__________________________________This is where we sat!_____________________________

You can listen to her teaching by following this link.

It really spoke to me and I can't even put it into words. I could tell God was there. I knew He was there with me. He touched my heart and opened my eyes about a lot of things... and it was a big night in my spiritual walk. :)

_Heidi Baker: A simply amazing woman of God.____________

When it was over we had a little midnight snack at McDonalds, some good down time, then went back to the house. The next day we were hitting downton Glasgow with Sarah. Which, of course, you will hear in our NEXT Adventure In Scotland!!

NOTE: ALL photo credit goes to Jacob Preedin.
(Sometimes I wonder where my camera was, and why wasn't I using it?! Haha.)

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