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July 2009::: Adventures in Scotland with Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin... "Glasgow University & Sarah"

Tuesday morning we woke up to another typical day in Scotland, windy, rainy, and chilly. It's a good thing we went there in July, because I am not the greatest advocate for cold weather. But, you gotta rock what you've got, right? So I put on as many layers as I could fit my arms into (it's what I do), got a granola bar in my purse (pretty sure its still there), and Sarah, Jacob, and I were on our way!

We got in the car and drove to Glasgow. You know what makes me feel safe while on the road? Having the driver tell me she is still trying to get used to driving stick AND on the wrong side of the road! Haha. I am just teasing... Sarah is a good driver, she just needs to gain some confidence. I'm sure this blog just helped her with that! Haha.

When we got downtown we parked somewhere and then rode the infamous "Tube" which was... mostly uneventful but fun to say.

Where Are We Going?
"The Tube"

First we visited the cutest little street. Of course, all the details are fuzzy now... which will show me to not blog about things 7 months after they took place! But since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here's some to make up for my lack of good memory!

Harry Potter Is Here
Harry Potter in the U.K.!! How fun! :)

Wherever You Are, Budweiser.
"Wherever You Are, Budweiser"
(Haha, I have this thing for trying to create catch phrases for adds...)

Ashton Lane


"The Camera Loooooves You!!"

Our next stop was Glasgow University. Of course, we had to find our way there first, and it took some direction from this nice girl willing to stand in the rain (and unknowingly get her picture taken) for us.

"Where are we...??"

One thing about photographers is that you can't expect to actually walk some place without making a million little stops to take pictures of trees, puddle reflections, and anything with an interesting texture, or contrast, or story.

VW Reflection
Fell in love with this VW and its reflection.


Guiness Time
"Apparently, its Guinness Time!"

When we finally got to Glasgow University we were all in a different corner, taking pictures, and not caring that we get wet or possibly turn into human popsicles.



Sarah told me it was entertaining to see what we would stop and take pictures of. Wooden benches, faded signs, even light switches, or rusty pipes. Here are some of those:

Sit Down And Remember

"Framing it!"

Faded Sign
"Practice Of Medicine"

Corner of Prayer
Taking a minute to pray and be thankful

Scottish Rain
Colourful rain

Glasgow Uni Shooter
"If You Shoot I'll Shoot!"

Secret Lab
Pretty sure they make Frankensteins down there...

Last but not least: its a fairly well known fact (at least to me and Jacob it is) that in life you can't walk around with photographers and being as drop-dead-gorgeous as Sarah is without having your shots taken. So we ended up doing a mini-shoot of each other! :)

Close Range

Pensive = Love.

Quirky = Love.

Wishful Thinking
Adina = ?

(Haha, walked right into that one, didn't you?"

This is our "band picture"

"The Outside"

It's safe to say this was the day when I fell in love with capturing reflections

On our way back to the car we finally met with James. He'd been away at a conference for work or something and we hadn't had a chance to meet with him yet. We went home, had a nice dinner, and then just hung out and watched some stand up DVD of brittish comedian Michael McIntyre.
Wow... that is a really funny guy! It's not the greatest picture ever, but I just HAD to try to capture that moment somehow!

Stop Laughing and Breathe!

Sadly the next day was the day we left Scotland. Sarah drove us to the Prestwick airport.
Fun fact: apparently Elvis flew out of there at some point. They had a cute drawing on the wall.

We flew into the Barcelona airport, caught a bus, and went to downtown Barcelona to stay with some relatives I have there. By nightime we tried to catch the fountain show at Mont Juic, but apparently it wasn't on that night. So we sat on the steps, listened to the AMAZING guy who plays guitar for tips there every day, and had some deep talks while we looked down on Barcelona at night. Wish I had a picture... but I don't. We took a moment off of being photographers, and decided to be people again. :)

We meant to catch a tourist bus and see as much of Barcelona as possible during the day, but we ended up having to leave right after lunch to catch the last 7 hour bus ride to Bilbao. The plan was to hang out with my family, and friends Amanda (who I traveled with in May), and Lauren, for the day and a half before he was flying back home to Chicago.

About 20 minutes after getting to my house, we ran out the door to visit "Geekfest 2009." Okay, so that's not the "official" name for it, but you get the point. Its a gigantic computer convention full of gamers, programers, and what not... doing all kinds of contests, championships, and such and winning prizes. Mostly, not sleeping in about 5 days... and downloading at amazing speeds. It looks awesome at night though. You stand above the arena, on the stairs, and look over a sea of about 6,000 computer screens lighting up the night. Pretty cool. Oh, and seeing how some of these people "pimp out" their machine is just funny! Haha. I think we walked back home at about 5 am...

No photo credit. This is a stock picture I found.

The next afternoon we went to downtown Bilbao to pick up Amanda and Lauren.
Fun story: I have no internal GPS. Whatsoever. Jacob and I were simply going to go to the bus station to pick up Amanda and Lauren, and walk over to see the Guggenheim. just a few blocks away. I got lost. Pretty bad. Like "walking around aimlessly for 45 minutes" bad. I eventually found it, and we just hung out there for a bit. We even ran into two sets of newlyweds. So Jacob ran off to get a few shots, and the girls and I caught up on their adventures in San Fermin, aka "the running of the bulls" holiday.

The next day it was just more sightseeing and hanging out with my family. I don't really remember much because apparently I was falling asleep everywhere, especially the van, and almost-exclusively with my mouth WIDE open like a total dork.
So sad to not have a picture of that moment, wait... no I'm not! :P

So all in all it was a great time full of good talks and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, just trying to cover as much sight-seeing as possible. Unfortunately, no shots of that either! I don't know what I was thinking... I think at that point I was shooting more with Jacob's camera than with mine, and I don't have a copy of those pictures yet.

Jacob left at about 5 am, and after that I slept for a long time without the fear of starring in another photoshoot.

That's it for these Adventures in Scotland with Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin. "Tune in" next time to read about... less exciting things?

Rain Dance
"This is it folks!"


  1. wow, adina ..... your photos are so natural....... great !!!!
    i‘m verry speechlless :)))

    :))))) would you take some photos with me and cipri ;))))

    have fun by the next photohoot
    lots of success........

    Michaela :))

    *sorry for my good english* ;)

  2. Hey Michaela!
    I would love to take some photos of you and Cipri... I just never see you guys anymore! :( But let me know next time you're in town! :D