Sunday, March 7, 2010

July 2009::: Adventures In Scotland, with Adina Noel & Jacob Preedin... "The Self-Absorbed Entry"

It has been brought to my attention recently that there aren't any pictures of me in Scotland up on the blog. I figure that I was behind the camera taking pictures most of the time, and that therefore all the pictures with me in them would be Jacob's work.
For some reason I always hesitate to post other photographer's work on my blog. I just want to avoid any confusion going on in the future. I did give it some more thought though and decided to please the crowd and therefore post this "self absorbed" entry to the bloggity blog. I guess it's nice to have pictures proving that I was actually in Scotland! Haha.
Of course, ALL photo credit goes out to Jacob Preedin.
I hope you enjoy the randomness of it all!

Tim & Elisha's Trash-The-Dress Shoot:
"The Stalkerazzi"
(Downtown Aberdeen)

"Just Take It Already"
"Just Take It Already!"
(Edinburgh Castle)

"The Jacob"
"The Jacob"
(Lunch In Edinburgh)

Horsing Around
"Horsing Around"
(I thought the horse was hiding a secret)
(Edinburgh Castle)

Me & Aslan
I love Aslan.
(Edinburgh Castle)

Proof That I was In Scotland
(Downtown Edinburgh)

Thug Life
"The Crack Dealer"
(Edinburgh Ghetto/Black Market Organ Buying Street)
(Just kidding, it was just downtown somewhere)

Red Phone
"Telemarketers know no limits"
(Downtown Edinburgh)

Late To Church
Sign reads: "If late, please ring the doorbell."
Hence the worried look on my face.
(Downtown Edinburgh)

The Towel-Turban Is In
"Towel-Turbans Are Sexy!"
(Sarah's House in Stewarton)

"Being Kicked Out Of Glasgow University!"

If you want to know why I got kicked out of Glasgow University stay tuned for the NEXT Adventure In Scotland!

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