Tuesday, March 23, 2010

October 2009::: Julio&Vicky, Anytime

At some point about 4 years ago, I met Julio and Vicky. It was during one of my summer visits to see my family when I was still living in Virginia. Immediately I enjoyed seeing them together.

My brain started creating mathematical formulas almost immediately. They looked something like this:

Vicky: (Slightly-hyper, totally cute, talkative, bubbly personality)

+ Julio: (Loves to pose, easy-going, up for anything)


= Great match.

By October last year I had all my new gear and was dying to get shooting. I was also craving to shoot a couple. I had shot Amber&Benji a few weeks back, but that only made me want to shoot couples even more. So I called up Julio and Vicky and we agreed to spend an afternoon hanging out and taking pictures here and there.

And what's the only thing that could possibly make it better? Train tracks.

Train Station

See, anyone who knows me and (more specifically my photography) knows that my 23 year old self has a weakness for train tracks, only to be matched by my 14 year old self's old weakness for Dominican guys.

What?? They can REALLY dance!! Haha. Hence, the first guy I ever dated was dominican, a great dancer, and could do a triple backflip... which for some reason seemed like a much more impressive and important thing back then! Haha. Moving on...

So we started our little shoot in a little tunnel that goes under the train tracks. Nothing like having trains going over your head to make you think on your feet!

Bricks Gangsta


Gangsta Wannabe


Piggy-back ride

Role Reversal

Role Reversal Therapy?

Julio Hoodie


Kiss On Tracks

Tracks: Hug

She likes him a bit. :)

Goodbye Kiss

See? Trains DO = "Love"

Standing at the station

By the time we got back to the original train station we were at we were starting to lose daylight pretty fast. We were standing on the platform trying to figure out what to do next, when suddenly we heard some loud glass shattering. We looked to the building to the left only to find that there were HUGE flames coming out of one of the videos. We called it in and stood around for a while trying to see what was going on and if the neighbors would let the police evacuate the building. No such luck.

The fire department took about 20-30 minutes to get to the scene, and I would hate to see what kind of damage came from that. By the time the whole thing was over, it was too dark to shoot anything, so we called it a day.

I did take some shots though (some bystanders asked me what newspaper the pictures would be on! :P ) so I figured I would wrap this up by posting two of those.



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