Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Day 1: Wisdom Teeth, Cultural Differences, and Unchildish Pixar Movies"


The first day in Holland was a pretty relaxed one. Lise and I woke up and got ready to head to the hospital and pick up her husband, who just had one of his wisdom teeth removed. Poor guy.

Right from the start I learned a few things about this beautiful land. First off, its not "Holland" its "The Netherlands" because apparently Holland is just one part of The Netherlands. Interesting. Another thing I learned quickly was what I will now refer to as "Dutch" minutes. When we were getting ready to head out to the hospital Lise turned to me and said "We leave in 5 minutes" and I OK'ed it. As it turns out, it took us another 10 minutes to leave. This is not good in The Netherlands. This is bad. I'm sorry, what?? Haha. So that's when I realized a main cultural difference: In Spain when you say you'll be somewhere in 5 minutes, its not gonna be 5 minutes... it could easily be 20. In The Netherlands though, if its 5 minutes then it is EXACTLY 5 minutes on the dot. Nothing is ever late.

Seriously, I missed the bus by ONE "dutch" minute two days ago. Crazy.

Watch Out For The Bikes

Another interesting thing about the Netherlands is how much people bike. There are people biking everywhere! First I thought it was really cute and all, and then I realized just how quickly these people are passing you on the street... and not always ringing their bell. Now, you may know this about me by now, but I tend to not notice things. Bikers Everywhere + Adina = Not Good. My official take on bikers in The Netherlands, now that I've "almost" been hit about 12 times in a week is: "Bikes scare me." No joke.


They look peaceful, but they're really out to get you!

Lise and I went grocery shopping. Another interesting bit: Dairy EVERYTHING!! Seriously, they have every flavour of milk, yogurt, etc. Yogurt, cheese, milk, and everything in between. Everything I've tried so far has been very good, but I will say that I saw some "lime milk" stocked on the store's shelves... and that's just wrong.

Marshy Grounds

We all stayed in for the day and we saw the movie "UP." I don't care what people say, that's not a kid movie. Lise and I almost cried several times just within the first 20 minutes, then a few more times throughout. Wow... so many horrible things happen in that movie. It's crazy. We did really like it though, we are actually going to watch it again with her family tonight... just to see if they cry. We're just that nice! :)

Land Of Many Trains

The next day was Saturday, and we figured the best way to spend it was to explore Amsterdam. Which, of course, I will tell you about in our NEXT Adventure in the Netherlands!!

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