Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Amsterdam with Evan and Lise Low"

Amsterdam Street

Saturday was the day we had decided on to go explore Amsterdam. We quite successfully managed to get to an early start, with few delays from "The Spanish." Amsterdam is about an hour drive away from our place.

Amsterdam Exit

I have to say that I was excited and slightly nervous about going to Amsterdam. You can't help but hear stories of all the things that are legal there, I questioned whether it may be the best place for a young christian girl to be.



Drug Display

Darth Vader

See the arms in the air? He's OBVIOUSLY surrendering!

We parked the car just outside the city and took a little ferryboat to actually get to Amsterdam. Let me tell you... so many bikes. I was actually almost hit by a couple times just on the way to the ferryboat. I was smart enough to let them all go out ahead of me when we exited the boat though. I like to think that act alone saved my life.


Fun bit: our first stop in Amsterdam was at a tattoo and piercing shop. No joke. I actually got a tattoo of a dragon going all the way around my neck, down my back, and when it gets down to my left butt cheek, there's a little Elvis in a white jumpsuit holding on to the dragons' tail with one hand, and with the other hand reading a book on his brand new iPad.... "in a typical tattoo green".

"I Hereby Certify That I Am Not Drunk Or High"

Signing a waiver stating that I wasn't currently drunk or high... how fun.

OK, that didn't really happen. I thought I would just spice up the blog though, and see who was really paying attention. I did actually get something done though. I pierced the cartilage in my right ear. My mom is gonna "love" it.

Random Video fun:

"Scaffels!" from adinanoel on Vimeo.

"Mom, Look At What I Did!" from adinanoel on Vimeo.

We walked around for hours and I took a million little pictures. Here's some:

Leaning Houses

Leaning Houses

1883 Building

Bikes On Bridge

I <3 Amsterdam


Different Roofs

Named Bridge

Church Sky


Fun story: After walking around the city for about 4 hours, and right before heading home, we decided that we would stop and have a coffee or tea somewhere. We walked into this little alley, and sat down on the chairs they had outside, conveniently in the sun. The sun in itself is pretty rare in The Netherlands.

Sketchy Bar

Lise got our order and went inside. Apparently she went in and realized that every single person in the bar was a middle aged man, and they were all staring at her. On top of that, they were all drinking beer and it didn't even look like the sort of place where they would even serve coffee. She walked outside, told us, and that's when we all noticed the big rainbow flag by the door. Yup, I went to Amsterdam and tried to have coffee in a gay bar! Haha. We looked for another bar. There were actually some laughs to be heard from the inside... oh, well... it was pretty funny how clueless we can be sometimes.

Cafe Life

Need A Ride?

Channel Cafe

We had our lovely coffee next to this channel, talked for a bit, and pretty much enjoyed sitting down. Also, I want to point out that I loved my sugar packet with a smiley face. I wish all sugar packets had smiley faces like that. The world would be a happier place.

Sugar Makes Me Happy

Pretty much after that we went back home, Evan cooked some delicious dinner for us, and later we watched a movie. Nice relaxing evening. I love nights like that. :)

I may have actually liked it a little too much, because in "typical me" behavior I stayed up until waaaaaay too late. I was going to regret it on Sunday morning when we went to church. Funny story what happened when we went to church, but... you'll just have to hear about that one on the NEXT Adventure in The Netherlands!

Red Curtain

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