Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "First Dutch Sunday"

Into The Woods (front)

Sunday morning was one of those typical mornings where I wake up and realize how much sooner I should have gone to bed. Especially because I had to be out the door sooner than when I go to my home church. I was being a VERY good sport about it though (I am NOT a morning person) and just went on with it. And It went a little something like this: Up too early, shower, geared up, breakfast on the go, got to the church and that's when we realized that we forgot about daylight savings, and were an hour late. Oops! You know, I don't think I'd ever been THAT person... but now that I have I can say that its more funny than anything else.

B&W Landscape

"After church" we went over to Lise's parents house. Nicest people ever. That's pretty much all I have to say about them. They welcomed me into their lovely home, fed me, and entertained me! Haha. I am going to take this chance to say that I seriously wanted to kidnap Lise's mom and bring her to Spain to cook for me for the rest of my life! Haha.

Mother & Daughter



I ate waaaaay too much.

"American" pie & tea

Dutch apple pie. Who could resist?

Dutch Speaking from adinanoel on Vimeo.

I tried to speak dutch. It didn't go so well.

After that we all went to help unload a moving truck for Lise's sister. Yup, I like to think that's how the dutch go about kicking their digestive system into gear! Haha.

We all went back to the house, watched a really interesting/fun movie called "I-cant-remember-but-it-was-one-of-those-less-used-and-more-serious-girl-names-oh,-and-Cristina-Ricci-was-in-it" and just relaxed for a bit.

Nap Time

Evan relaxed a LOT, but then again... I did too! :)

Then we hit a birthday party. A very dutch birthday party, apparently. We sat around eating and talking in dutch while I occasionally entertained with my "free translations" including things like "That guy misses his baby blanket", morphine hallucinations, and something about someone training to take a firefighting test. Here's another fun dutch thing... they put on a DVD of a fireplace burning... like to create a chill out mood or something. Hmmm... it was kinda cool, I will admit, but also culturally hilarious. I guess it must be a normal thing, if they sell DVD's of it, but I just think that if I was hanging out with my friends in Spain and was like "Lets put on the fireplace DVD!!" they'd give me a wide variety of interesting looks. It was pretty cool though, who knows... maybe one day I will buy one and do it, after all we work with the same DVD region in The Netherlands and Spain.

Dutch Fireplace

I had been given a variety of snacks to choose from. It so happened to be that I picked the prettiest, and most complicated thing to eat. Its not something you can eat with a fork, but I tried... for a while. I was making such a fool of myself that Evan decided to take a picture of me and my silly attempts to eat. I will say though, it was delicious!

Trying To Eat

Stay tuned for our NEXT Adventure in The Netherlands!!!

Motorcycle Sunset

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