Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Music, Painting, and Train Ride mini-shoots"

Train Ride

Before the sun was up, I was up. Of course, not literally... but that's how I felt that morning. Way too early to be alive. At least I had a little train ride to help me transition into consciousness.


On Tuesday Lise and I went to the ArtEZ Conservatorium where she goes to school. I hung out in the cafeteria while she went to her dutch lessons. Not actually lessons to learn dutch, but lessons IN dutch. I decided to pass on sitting quietly through an hour of dutchness, and sit a-little-less-quietly in the cafeteria, editing photos, emailing, and having bad

sugar-less coffe from an overpriced machine. I have to say I was insanely jealous that she gets to go to such an awesome school. They don't have modern music schools in Spain, only classical. They had a bunch of really fun sounding classes, and being surrounded by so many amazing musicians who are just STUDENTS, it really humbles me and made me start thinking about I realized just how not-so-talented I am at this music thing.


Songwriting lesson came next. That was a fun one. The teacher was american and we actually discussed some photography before really getting started. Good talk. But what I really liked was to sit and actually hear people discussing music theory, and patterns, and progressions (feeling somewhat at home by not being the only person in the world to think about these things) ... until I got completely lost and just took some pictures


The last thing we went to was this thing called "band lab" where apparently the school picks a bunch of random students and makes them be in a band together. The guys and girls sang each others' songs and seemed to be having a good time. What I like about it is the "team spirit"vibe I got through it. I like to think that they are teaching all these kids to just learn to work with each other, even if they aren't friends outside of the school, just learn to respect each other and be professional about their work. I took pictures, of course, in good stalkerazzi tradition!


Sing To Me

I Love Music

"You're Taking My Picture



Happy Drummer

Framing Music


His version of payback! (Since I don't like getting my pictures taken)


Next to ArtEZ: Spiderman on a building = Awesome!

After we were done with school we went to paint a house of some friends of Lise. Let me tell you something about myself, I love to paint. I don't know why, its not like I am jumping with joy with every brush stroke (or roll) but there is something quite restoring and therapeutic about painting a room. I like it. So I pretty much spent the rest of the day painting a room. Let me tell you, when you get some of these music school kids together in a house, you get the most interesting interactions. My favorite one was Lise singing on the 3rd floor, and one of her friends "mirroring" what she was singing in the 2nd floor... with no music... they eventually went on some kind of "sing off" competition for the highest note. Wow. Just wow. Too much fun!

Guy Multitasking



Proof that I helped.

So after getting up before a time that I knew existed, and hours of free labor for people I dont know (Haha, just kidding guys, I was happy to do it!) I went to bed, (again, probably later than I should have... I have issues!! Haha) and got up early to meet my friend Clarissa and another girl to explore Amsterdam for two days... which you will hear about... (you know how it goes, but I'll say it anyway) ..."in our NEXT Adventure in the Netherlands!!"


My mini-shoot on the train ride home. Photo credit: Lise Low :)


  1. "I went to bed, (again, probably later than I should have... I have issues!!"

    I'm glad you KNOW it girl!

  2. Well, admitting that you have a problem IS the first step, right?