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Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Amsterdam with Clarissa&Sonia: Day 2"


You know that feeling of exhaustion you have the day after a really long day? That's how Clarissa, Sonia, and I felt after that long, cold, rainy day walking around for hours in Amsterdam. We were going to be oh-so-happy to just sleep in, but plans were about to change.

We Need Caffeine

We need caffeine

The girl we were staying with had to go to school in the morning, and she needed us to get out of the house so she could safely lock it behind her. Let's just say, I thought I wasn't much of a morning person... but Sonia is worse than I am! We summoned up all our strength, and went straight to starbucks! Ha! :D


Starbucks in hand (and in a much perkier mood) we started walking down the streets in Amsterdam. At one point Clarissa said "OH, that house is beautiful!" and started taking a picture. I quickly glanced, agreed that it was particularily beautiful, and started getting my camera out of the bag and changing the lens, which is much harder while wearing slightly oversized winter gloves. Sonia then starts pointing out that there's a girl sitting by the window, and that she thinks its sketchy. I look over quickly and see a girl in a nightgown sitting by the window and sending a text on her cell. So we keep doing our thing, and Sonia says that she still thinks its sketchy. So I pick up my camera ready to take a shot and Sonia says "It's a brothel! Look at the other window!!" and long and behold, there is a window on the other side of the door that has (what originally looked like a manikin until it moved) dressed up in lingerie. Let's just say, we got out of there quickly, and laughed at our own stupidity until our faces hurt! Half way down the street Clarissa says "I... really liked the house!" Haha.

Dutch Beetle

If You Smoke You'll Look Like This

My conclusion: Smoking pot will make you look like this.

The Anne Frank House was next. We stood in line for about an hour, and experienced wind, rain, hail, and the sun. Crazy. We finally had a chance to go in and it was amazing. It really makes you think about life, humanity, and whether that could happen all over again. If you are ever in Holland, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Anne Frank House. Oh, and while you're at it... bring a handkerchief!

Not Just A Car

Standing in line at the Anne Frank House


Anne Frank House Sign

Sonia and I enjoyed a terribly unhealthy lunch of big dutch fries, soda, and a mistery-filled croquette. Clarissa had some crazy health-freak food. I think it was rice cakes, honey, and a soy yogurt. She is going to age so much better than me!


The last thing we really wanted to do was go on a canal cruise. So we did! Wow... it was so relaxing to just float away, see beautiful places, think, and not have to worry about being run over by bikes.

Simply amazing, totally worth it.

Channel Cruise


Shooting Mirrors

Where Do You Live?

Old Lady On Canal Cruise

Laugh Until Your Face Hurts

Amsterdam Boat

Nike Shoes

I See You

End Of Boat

As it turned out, the girl that Clarissa and Sonia were staying with was going to be out of the house until 11 pm, and it was about 7 when we were done with the canal cruise. We hit some tourist shops (where I got my sister some fantastic clog-slippers for her birthday) and went into a C&A to try on some crazy clothes. Long story short, we ended up sitting on the floor against a wall at that C&A, just hanging out until it closed. Are we lame, yes, yes we are. It was just too cold and we were too tired to "seize the day" some more, and we were just happy sitting on the floor, laughing, playing cards, and having some people look at us like we're crazy people! Haha. When the store closed I took a nice little relaxing train ride home.

Hmmm... I love trains.

C&A Shoes

Chillin' at C&A

So that's it for the adventures with Clarissa and Sonia. It wont be the last though, Clarissa and I are going to hit LA together this summer, and next time I go to Barcelona I will be found sitting on the floor and playing cards at some random C&A with Sonia! :)


Canal City

I went to bed that night really happy that I got to hang out with these girls in Amsterdam, but also excited for tomorrow. Lise, Evan, and I were going to go to a conference at the European House Of Prayer. But of course, you'll hear about that on our NEXT Adventures in the Netherlands!!

Building At Night

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