Friday, May 14, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Good Friday& EHOP 1Ding Conference"


Good friday was an accurate name for the next day. It was Friday, and it was good!

We started out by going to Lise's parents house for some amazing home made food. Have I mentioned I wanted to bring her mother back home with me? Yeah, I did. Not that my parents aren't good cooks, that they are, but you can never have too much good food lying around.

Niece Collage

Another interesting bit was that Lise's sister, brother-in-law, and adorable little nieces had just moved back to The Netherlands from being in Switzerland. We got to spend the day with them, and of course I took a million little shots of these adorable kids.



In the evening we said our goodbyes and Lise, Evan, and I headed out to the European House of Prayer to a conference that was going on through the weekend. it. was. amazing. I loved every minute of just being in God's presence and soaking it in. So refreshing to just retreat to a place where you are there for the purpose of learning, worshipping, and growing in your relationship with God. Also, amazing photo opportunities.

I pretty much made myself the event photographer! Haha. So here are some shots!

Worship Through Chair







An interesting thing happened the next day. They were holding several different workshops about all kinds of things. I decided to sit through the "Harp & Bowl" workshop, since I thought it would help me out the most as a new worship leader. The whole conference was translated from dutch to English, though most people spoke dutch. As this workshop progressed I noticed that there was only one other English speaker in there, and neither one of us felt like saying much when the dutch forgot to translate. The people there really got into the workshop, praying, and worshipping, and it got to a point where there was no English being spoken at all. That lasted about an hour. I didn't want to interrupt because it's such a time with God... but... let's just say, it was a lot of dutch! Haha. There was one girl who I later talked to who was really shocked that I didn't understand anything, so she translated the important bits. I just thought it was kind of funny that I was just sitting there like "God, I don't know what's going on... but it sounds good!" Haha. I love Dutch!


Daniel Lim was a speaker from the International House Of Prayer that flew in from Kansas City for the event. He is a pretty great guy, funny insights, and occasional dance moves!

Daniel Lim Dance


Sleep deprivation kicked in by Sunday, but when it comes to me that's a pretty regular song to sing.

All I remember is actually going somewhere at around 8 am. What can I say? I am not a morning person.


We spent the morning in worship, and had lunch there. I have to say that I was sad to see it end. I met so many amazing new people that I now get to call friends... I think it leaves me no option but to make sure to go back to The Netherlands in the future!


In His Presence


After EHOP Lise, Evan, and I had dinner and a movie at a friend's house, ate the biggest plate of chinese food ever, and sat on the greatest couch of all time! When we got back to their house we sadly said our goodbyes, I was leaving the next day and had to cross over to Germany and find the airport by myself AND on time. If you know me at all you know that there is never a normal encounter between me and an airport. Just think back on how this adventure started, with me being called in by security!

Anyway this experience turned out to be, of course, quite an adventure that you will hear about in our NEXT Adventures in The Netherlands!

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