Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Giethoorn!!"

On the last day of my visit to The Netherlands my friends Lise and Evan decided to take me to "Dutch Venice", a small town called Giethoorn.


LOVE the VW bug yard idea.

I pretty much spent the whole time I was in The Netherlands practicing how to "roll my GH" and my favorite way of doing so was to repeat the word "Ghiethoon"over and over. Also, when people would speak dutch around me and I just wanted to be a part of the conversation, "Giethoorn" I go! :)

It took a little while to get there, but it was all good. Sitting in the car listening to John Mayer on the radio as you watch the beautiful scenery is quite a treat all in itself!

When we finally got to Giethoorn it was the quaintest most beautiful place in the world. They have boats going around the town everywhere, and there's ducks swimming, and birds flying, and tourists freezing everywhere. OK, maybe that was just me.


Did I mention there were no bikes in Ghiethoorn? Heaven!


We stopped in a little restaurant for a little snack, and to get out of the cold for a bit. I had delicious hot chocolate with a cookie and even an Easter egg! YAY!


Milk Mustache! :)

Boat Warehouse
Afterwards we went to rent a boat for the afternoon. I was taking pictures of the boat warehouse when I decided to switch over from my wide angle to my 50mm lens. I reached in my bag and couldn't find it. I emptied my bag and it was GONE! Last I could remember having it was at the restaurant, so Lise and I ran back while I mentally kicked myself in the head for being so forgetful and prayed that it would still be there. We walked in to find the waiter with the all-too-familiar look that I know I've had on my face many many times while waitressing. It's the slight smile of "Oh, look... it's the panicked person who forgot something" The waiter had my 50mm lens! :) Phew! Thank God!

I love my 50mm lens!

We went back to the boat warehouse (in a better more-giggly mood this time) and rented a boat. Giethoorn is SO beautiful, I simply had to take a million little pictures. Here we go!




Sail With Me


Giethoorn Around The Corner


Don't Feed The Birds




It was so nice and peaceful to spend a day there just sailing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We ended the day by going to a friend's house and having dinner and a movie. So good and fun! Then we said our goodbyes, since I was going to the airport the next morning all by myself. Taking two buses, and two trains while crossing over to Germany to take a plane to go home. What an adventure, that you will hear about on our NEXT "Adventures in The Netherlands!"

Hanging out with "Opa", seeing if he can spare a few bucks!

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