Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventures in The Netherlands with Adina Noel::: "Going Home"


"Slept in" and was up my 08:47, I was also 20 minutes early to catch my bus. I think it may have been a good thing that I was going back home, because, clearly,

the "Dutchness" was starting to get to me.

So this was the plan: catch a bus, to catch a train, to catch a bus, to catch a plane, to catch a ride with my dad to get home!

Ryanair, wing.

It was pretty uneventful. The second bus turned out to be a van full of untalkative Dutch and Germans. While waiting in line I managed to find the one American in the bunch (its like I have a radar for these things), a girl from Florida studying in Sevilla for a semester, and we kept each other company
until we had to catch our flights.


I have to say that I think that airport security wasn't at all happy about me carrying all my gear. I had to get my camera out, not just my laptop, and my whole bag and camera were scanned twice.

Of course, me being myself, I was still worried about my slightly oversized bag. I didn't have a scale so I couldn't weight my checked in bag. Ryanair is just a little crazy about baggage restrictions, and I have too much gear in there that I can not run the risk of losing or being damaged. On the other hand, I really hadn't bought much of anything during my visit, so I figured I should be just on the weight limit. Again, being me, I was still nervous so I got some things out of my check-in bag and it turned out to actually be "underweight." This also means that my carry-on was overweight. I was praying that they wouldn't give me any trouble with it. Just one simple prayer, and I carried on with my airport journey.

Blue Skies

As it turns out, they didn't weigh it. Funny thing is: "Florida Girl" went through the exact same security checkpoint, and she said they weighed EVERY carry on! What can I say? I serve an awesome God who is cool enough to give me a little hand here and there! ;)


Uneventful flight. You know, every time I fly I find it so strange that people can be all the way up there with the sky, the cloud, the lighting, and just the fact that you're 30,000 feet in the air and not dying... and not believe in a Creator. I know it strengthens my belief every time.

Dad took about an hour to pick me up at the airport, and I just sat on the curb writing up blog posts! Haha. We were all starving and ended up grabbing a bite just before heading back home. Funny thing is, this trip started and ended at McDonalds! Haha... nice!


It was a fairly cloudy day in Spain, with the slightest breeze. I love this weather. I love my country, I love my life, and I loved this Adventure in The Netherlands! :)

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