Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Adventures in The US: Welcome Back Adina"

On July 15th I flew back "home", more specifically into Washington DC. It all started out with a loooooong day of packing and such. By long I mean that I actually didn't go to sleep that night. An hour and a half before going to the airport I still wasn't finished packing, and was absolutely positively going insane over the new airline baggage restrictions. Fortunately my friend Patri and my sisters kept me from losing my mind or simply setting my suitcase on fire.

My flight was leaving at 6:45 am, so we promptly showed up at the airport at 4:45am. The airport was closed. What? Who knew that airports closed. So we just stood there waiting and discovered that apparently the airport opens at 5.

We quickly went over to check my baggage and all that fun stuff (which along with actually entering the plane is my most hated part of flying) and the airline lady quickly told me that my name wasn't on the passenger list, therefore I don't have a plane ticket. I'm sorry, I know I am repeating myself but...WHAT??!!

I bought my tickets months in advance, and apparently the confirmation number that I had was for the online travel agency I bought them through, not the airline, so that didn't help. I really thinks she was new and possibly didn't know what she was doing, but eventually she managed to get me a boarding pass. She did explain that since I wasn't on the passenger list she wouldn't be able to check my baggage all the way through, so I would have to pick it up during my connection in Madrid. This is when I was glad that I went for the 3 1/2 hour layover, and not the 1 1/2. The flight 45 minute flight to Madrid was mostly uneventful, and after walking a few miles in the airport (I am sure that's accurate...) I was finally going to pick up my luggage.

The baggage carrousel was really long, and as I sat there and waited for the suitcases to start coming through, I noticed that the first bag to come out looked like it was mine. What luck, I thought, since I've never ever had my stuff come out first. As I walked towards it though I realized nothing else coming out. As soon as I got my suitcase off the carrousel the whole thing stopped. Seriously? I was the only person from a full plane picking up luggage. I couldn't help but feel that everyone else's suitcase was checked all the way to their destination! Haha. Oh, well... at least it got there.

I guess the rest of the flight experience was pretty normal, with eating mysterious airplane food, 7 hours at 30,000 feet, not being able to sleep, and watching my share of girly movies on the little tv in front of me. Namely I saw "Valentines Day" and "Dear John" which I thought were pretty good, except I was really disappointed with my dear dear Patrick Dempsey playing such a jerk on Valentines Day.

When I finally got to Washington DC I was picked up by my awesome "#1 Stalker" friend Renee. She ran a couple errands with me and I got dinner with her family. Good times. By about 8 pm we were sitting in her house and wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy. It was a nice thought. By that time I had been up for about 30 hours, and I was SO exhausted.

I am too stubborn to let exhaustion stop me. My eyes would stop focusing and all that fun stuff. But I am too stubborn to let that stop me. So on the first try I was laying down on the air mattress, and I fell asleep 3 times in 10 minutes, and had one of those "my body has decided to twitch and it scared me" moments. Then I moved to sitting on the couch with her, and after several "I didn't notice my eyes were closed" and one big "my neck relaxed and my whole head fell backwards and hit the wall" embarrassing moment, I decided to give up and call it a night.

The ridiculous thing is that my body knows me all-too-well, and decided that since I was going to bed at 9pm (which is only 3 am in Spain) I must be taking a nap or something, because I woke up refreshed and ready for a new day, convinced that it would be around 3-4 am, only to find that it was only 12:30 am! I actually could hear my friends still up and walking around upstairs! So sad. So I woke up several times between 3 and 5 and finally just got up at 5 and started editing just to be productive, and wondering what to do through the rest of my Adventures in The US!!

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  1. Now, it seems as if I'm stalking you...I'm actually not... but since you mentioned something about writing blog posts the other day...I figured I would find a new post one of these days... As far as your luggage is concerned, it was the complete opposite of what happened to mine...I arrived in Phoenix and my luggage wasn't there...I waited and waited at the baggage claim area...It wasn't there! LOL. Sorry, 'bout your McDreamy. I know he's important to you ;)