Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pau::: First Communion


June 6th was the day that I shot my cousin Pau's first communion. It was a weekend trip, having to go down to the mediterranean coast. I must admit that I jump at any opportunity to go to Valencia, as it is one of my favorite places to be. It has everything that you would love about Barcelona, minus the noise and craziness.


This was definitely a family affair, and as it always is when we all get together it was way too loud and way too much fun. Now, Spain is a Catholic country so shooting first communions is a big deal. I was actually hired to shoot all the fun, and not the actual ceremony since kids take their first communion in big groups and so the whole group of parents hire a single photographer for the ceremony. It was alright with me though, because that way I get to just work with the fun afterwards.


I will say that psychologically this was one of my most challenging shoots because I had to "split" myself between being the hired photographer for the event and being a guest. The whole reception I was getting up from my table to run and catch a moment on camera, and then the next thing you know my uncle is making sure that I've had something to eat, dessert, etc. Quite draining, but also totally worth it.


Me and my dad's cousin who I had a huge crush on when I was little.

Anyway... so these are basically shots of happy people. Here we go! :)


I did manage to sneak in this shot! ;)



He decided that if I was going to take pictures of him he would take some of me! How cute. :)



The pirates "found" my dad an asked him where he hid the treasure! :)






I love my cousins in suits! :)



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