Saturday, July 17, 2010

Xabi&Kathrin::: Engagement

On Cliff
One day in early March I got a phone call while at music school. A really nice german girl, Kathrin, had somehow come across one of my business cards and was interested in me for her wedding photography. We decided that we should have a proper meeting to discuss the details, but our schedules wouldn't agree for the first month. During this time, the internet took over. We started emailing back and forth, first with general questions about pricing and coverage and such. As the month went on, "facebook stalking" took over and (dare I say it?) we even started talking about things that weren't wedding or photography related at all!

After my trip to The Netherlands, and before my trip to The US, Kathrin and her fiancé Xabi and I managed to meet, book the wedding, and shoot the engagement session. It was an overcast day and we were all worried that it might rain on us, but the rain held out until we were on our way home and as it turned out it was actually
a great day after all!

Here's some of my favorites:

Frame it!



On Grass1


B&W On Grass


Against Wall 2

Red Confetti


Vintage House

Abandoned House

B&W House

Congrats Xabi&Kathrin, I can't wait to shoot the wedding this fall! :D

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