Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures in Chicago::: Showit Tour


The Showit Tour stop in Chicago was definitely one of the main reasons for me visiting. I had been looking forward to just immerse myself into the photography world, and what better way to do it than to learn how to make the most out of the tools I have and learn from

some of the best wedding photographers in the country?


Bob&Dawn Davis. They shot Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's wedding.

It was so much fun to just hang out with photographers that I had talked to on facebook a million times, and yet never had a chance to meet in person. Finding that you're fans of each other's work was also great. And the cherry on top was definitely all the very inspiring talks from down-to-earth people about how to really make the most out of your business. So great!

Fun story: during a break I was talking to DJ and really wanting to buy the Bob Davis book they'd been talking about. DJ said that they were actually going to do a little giveaway, and that I should put my business card in the box and they would pull out a name in a few minutes. I put my business card in, and ran to the bathroom quickly before the break was over. I had, afterall, had 2 coffees in an hour to try to make up for my usual lack of sleep. Anyway, on my way to the bathroom I said a little "Hey God, you know what would be cool? Winning that book, I could learn so much with it!" silly prayer, I know, and quickly got back out to my seat. On my way over though, I looked and DJ had my business card in his hand and was calling my name. I was confused for a second and then I realized that I had won the book! So happy to win it I actually went ahead and told everyone the little story right then and there. The book is called "Lights, Camera, Capture!" by Bob Davis, and it's a really great read!


The amazing Molly Jenson is responsible for the music on my website! :)

Check her music out here.

The amazing Andrew Barlow is responsible for teaching me how to use the coffee machine! :P

I almost had to be dragged out of there! So much so that when they were closing down I stuck around and helped put things away and ended up hanging out with David Jay and others

in the tour bus for a bit.


Left to right and top to bottom: Otto Rascon, Andrew Barlow, David Jay, and Samuel Barr.

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