Friday, August 13, 2010

"Adventures in Chicago with Adina Noel::: Day 1"

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My first day in Chicago was to be one full of excitement. At least that's what I had set in my mind when planning the trip. It was, afterall, a day I had been looking forward to since I was just 12 years old. Something about Chicago had always drawn me in, and now that I had 3 months to travel around the country, and many friends in the area, I was sure to finally be able to explore it!

I was staying with my cousin and I found out shortly before I got there that he, of course, had a normal job and that he'd be going to work long before I'd be awake, and wouldn't be back until after 5. I had told myself that I would use this time to be super productive, and I actually believed it.

As it turned out I spent the whole day being way too easily distracted to get anything done. Even though I was bored to death in the apartment. Admittedly there was too much time spent on Facebook and twitter, checking my inbox, texting friends, and otherwise procrastinating instead of actually getting work done.

I had flown in the night before, and Chris took me to his apartment complex. He went on to describe a colourful little story about how his neighbour's door had a new lock on it because she'd been on a domestic dispute, just two weeks earlier, and her... err... significant other? Had broken down the door. How fun... that makes me feel safe. Of course, he just found my reaction amusing.

Going back to my first full day in Chicago: it really didn't help that the same neighbour was blasting some disturbing music. I decided to try to make the most of it and just ignore it altogether. I sat on my computer and tried to focus on getting work done while playing some music on iTunes. To cover the neighbour's music.

Then there's a big pounding on the door, and my natural reaction is to stay reaaaaaally quiet and slam the laptop shut so as to make the music stop. Definitely freaking out, you know, because Chicago is all "All Capone" and "Tommy guns" everywhere, right? So there I am thinking "I am going to die in Chicago" and trying to draw up enough courage to walk up to the door. It took me about a full minute. By the time I figured out what was going on I felt really painfully idiotic. I had just missed the UPS guy delivering a package for me that I had payed expedited shipping on. Now I was gonna have to go pick it up. All because I was too scared of opening the door! Haha. Go me.

Another fun little thing that kept me entertained was the world cup. I found this update on a sticky note on my computer that I copied off of twitter from that same day:

"Couldn't bother to find out if my cousin has cable, so I am watching the Spain-Portugal match from Chicago, through skype with my sister Amber, and therefore from the comfort of my own home&with my family! Awesome, huh? :D"

Okay, so that's way too long to be twitter... I guess it must have been on facebook! Anyway, uneventful as it may have seemed at least I was finally there and ready for some more Adventures in Chicago! :D

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