Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Adventures in Chicago with Adina Noel::: The Taste Of Chicago & Matt Kearney Concert"


Excitement: that was the promise for my 2nd day in Chicago. I actually had a plan for this new day, and that in itself sounded marvelous. I was going to hang out with my friend Naomi and one of her friends in downtown Chicago.

After Concert

We were going to visit The Taste Of Chicago. Apparently it's a pretty major food... festival? They have a lot of local specialties, and people go from all over the country to taste different foods. A lot of local restaurants put up a stand and they offer regular sized or sampler sized foods.

All of which are absolutely delicious.


At one point I was walking by one of the stands and I said "What on EARTH is a Chicago-style hot dog?!" To this Naomi stopped, grabbed my arm, and blurted out "Oh my gosh Adina!!" as she effectively dragged me towards the stand. Did she tell the staff that I didn't even know what a Chicago-style hot dog was? Yes, yes she did. They said they'd quickly fix that!


I have to admit that it was really good. :)

After walking around and tasting all kinds of food, we headed out to the concert area. They were going to have a free Matt Kearney concert. How awesome is that?!


Brett Dennen was opening. I had never heard of him. I quickly came to the conclusion that the music was enjoyable, and his million tiny little dance moves (most of which consisted of him swaying his hips back and forth) and his straight-out-of-the-70's clothes were quite amusing to get on camera.

Brett Dance1

Brett Dennen

Brett Dance2

When Brett was finished, it was finally time for Matt Kearney! He was simply amazing. As with every good show, it was over way too soon.

Cutest Couple Ever

This couple was so cute. :)



Hands up in the air

MK Up Close

Thumbs up

My favorite part was when Matt randomly jumped off stage and waded through the crowd. He kept singing and I am not exactly sure how he survived, but I guess it must have been

because he's such a rockstar! ;)

Wading through crowd

MK Up in front of me

Jumping Back On Stage


MK Color&B&W

rockin' the taste


When the concert was over Naomi, her friend Jenn, and I had to run about 8 blocks in 10 minutes to catch the train home. Oh... welcome to Chicago, I said! I went home pretty satisfied with my day, and knowing that this was to be one of many Adventures in Chicago! Stay tuned. :)

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