Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Adventures in Ocean City with Adina Noel"

By the time I got back from Ryan and Julie's wedding, I had a few days to just hang out at the beach house and try to catch up on my editing and attempt to get a tan. Of course it goes without saying that I did more editing than successful tanning.

Playing with my new 24-70mm 2.8 lens.

You know what didn't help? The fact that there was a huge storm coming. Grammy called me in to the living room one day as she was watching the Weather Channel. You know how that doppler radar thing always has green or blue clouds? Well, there were these dark red and brown clouds right over Chicago, just three days before I was flying in! To make things worse, the scroll at the bottom of the screen said that they were having tornado warnings! Insane! I had friends there with no electricity, and one of my best friends had to find refuge from the storm (and the power outage) in a creepy bar! So I was freaking out a bit.




A few hours later the apocalyptic storm hit the east coast. I was actually expecting it to be way worse... oh, well! :D

Right before my trip out to Chicago I had a few friends from back-in-the-day visiting me. One of them is my friend Nicole. For those of you faithfully following on facebook, Nicole is my 16 year old friend who "hacked" in my facebook (stole my seat and laptop when I'd left fb open to grab something from the kitchen) and changed all of my info to some highly questionable things. It was all in good fun though.
I'm gonna say that it was payback in advance.

Nicole had no idea that I was in The US, and she sure had no idea that I was at the beach house. Just check out the video and see her reaction and find out why I will never be a videographer! :)

To make things a little more fun, there was also a prank involved. I had tried calling Nicole earlier that week to let her know that I was up here. Well, let's just say that in the end me and her older sister decided it would be more fun if I started texting her, without her knowing who I was. She spent all week trying to figure out who her secret admirer "Adam" was. How very 14 year old of me, I know. The funny thing was that I kept it going even after she got to the beach house, and she even started talking to me about Adam! Haha. Anyway, about an hour before going to the airport to catch my flight to Chicago I let the cat out of the bag, and then ran for my life as she chased me and possibly threatened my life! Ahhh... friendship!! :) It was all in good fun though, and she now calls me Adam all the time.

I love shooting for fun. :)




What else? My super-secret-project, of course! I was inspired one day to buy a t-shirt and make my own photography t-shirt. Probably inspired by wanting to have something a little different to do at the beach house. So I went to the fabric store and got myself some supplies and spent 12 hours on a Saturday making this t-shirt. I made it while I watched the US be eliminated from the worldcup. Devastating, but
at least it looked good in the end.






  1. that shirt is sweet! I want one, but my nikon ;)

  2. Haha, yeah... I really like it! Ummm... I wonder how you managed to postmark your comment as having made it TOMORROW! LOL