Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ryan&Julie::: The Rehearsal


June 19th was a day that had been marked on my calendar for a long time. It was the day that Julie, one of my best friends ever, was getting married.

Let's rewind a little: Julie and I have been friends all our lives. Literally. Our mom's roomed together in college, and we were born one day apart. Every year I call her at midnight in Spain, because it's both our birthdays at the same time, and we catch up. Somehow we have managed to stay friends even through her very demanding schooling, and my rollercoaster ride of a life.

But wait, let's rewind a little more: When I was 5 years old, barely old enough to read and write, I got a letter from this girl named Julie. I wrote back and we've been pen-pals and great friends ever since. It's funny that she has seen me through the most random and horrible stages of my life. Yes, the teenage years, bad hair colouring decisions, and all the boy drama. Julie's always been there.

June 19th was the day for me to be there for her.


It's funny to speak of "being there" because as it turns out, she has lived most of her life in New York, and I have lived most of mine in Spain, and we've actually only seen each other 3 times in our whole lives. It just made it all the more special that we were getting together for her wedding, and it made me mark it on my calendar way before I was booked to shoot anything in the US this summer, because nothing was gonna stop me from seeing my Jewels get married.

Ryan and Julie asked me a couple months ago if I would shoot their rehearsal. I was of course honored and crazy excited to say yes. So, here's some of my heart melting behind the camera.

















They say that practice makes perfect, right? So my hope was that after all this practicing they would be well prepared to start a perfectly happy and love-filled life together

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