Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adventures In Virginia::: Danville, Raleigh, and too many friends to see in one week

One thing that I love about photography
is that I get to travel a lot for my job. One thing I love about traveling a lot is that I get to make new friends, and I also get to meet up with old friends. So in July I managed to escape to the south end of Virginia and hang out in Danville, where I lived for a couple years.

I spent the week hanging out and cathing up with friends, maybe even being a bit
ridiculous from time to time.

J2352x1568-01859 copy

I also got to go on duty with my old rescue squad. No matter how busy I get there's always something really special about just getting back on an ambulance and running some calls. The adrenaline rush and the addictive sound of the wailing siren help a bit too! :)

Minding my own business, someone poking me in the eye with a fork.



And of course, I have friends and then I have photographer friends. Luckily we all managed to squeeze in some time and I drove down to the Raleigh area and hung out with my peeps Cait Elizabeth & Christi Ann and have a good time of Starbucks and playing Wii.






Amazing shot! Ball hit the flag pole and went in!


I'm telling ya... the south treats me right!

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