Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adventures in Virginia::: Go, go, Jenni!!


Anyone who knows me knows about Jenni. Jenni is my super awesome cousin who I have the most FANTASTIC times with. During mid-July I went down to Danville, VA... where I lived for a couple years to visit some friends and go on duty with my old rescue squad, the Danville Life Saving Crew. Jenni was going to assist me on my August 7th wedding in Philadelphia, and then ended up getting caught up on work and wouldn't be able to. So she decided to make the 4 hour drive up from Columbia to visit me for a day.


Me, Jenni, and our cousin Lisa.




It was a fun 24 hours, just hanging out watching Glee against my will, driving around and singing at the top of our lungs, and hitting some thrift shops.

"Jenni-ing It!" from adinanoel on Vimeo.

Things I love about Jenni include:

1) Inside jokes. We have a LOT of crazy inside jokes, like the time we were listed as being "in a relationship" together on facebook for a few months. That was a crazy one, and I was sure to let her boyfriend know that I am "letting" him have her but that "she was mine first" Haha. Good times.

2) She has the most contagious laugh ever. Period.

3) We can have the most honest and ridiculous conversations simultaneously.

What I don't like about Jenni?

1) She isn't big on surprises. I found out the hard way too... because I am big on surprises. Long story short? It nearly cost me my life. No joke.

So I am gonna leave you with some fun reminiscing. In 2002, when I was 15 and Jenni was 12, we went on a roadtrip from New Jersey to Maine. We spent hours together in the car each day and totally bonded over getting carsick while watching Jumanji in the car (horrible idea), visiting America's oldest cheese factory (its about as exciting as it sounds) and changing lyrics to songs we liked to like them even more. One day when we were in Maine our grandma and my aunt went to Wal Mart and asked if we wanted to go too. We pretty much had no interest in deciding whether to get 1% or 2% milk, so we stayed in and watched TV. When the ladies came back from the store they surprised us with a "We bought you two something to wear on Sunday!" and when they pulled it out of the bag... yup, my aunt and grandma got both of us tomboy girls MATCHING shirts and skirts. How lovely.

Adina and Jenni

We got our picture taken together because we looked too ridiculous to let the opportunity pass by, and we made sure to not pass by on another opportunity to go to Wal Mart with them. Just in case.

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