Saturday, October 2, 2010

Amanda::: Anytime

It's funny how the tables can turn in life. It was only 4 years ago that I was working as a full-time customer service representative answering calls for a cell phone company. I remember taking 1000+ calls a month, working 11 hour shifts, and drinking too much caffeine. I also remember the vast number of things that I would come up with to keep myself entertained. My days consisted of putting together 500 piece puzzles, making animals out of pipe cleaners, coloring books, and teaching myself to juggle. Yup, I stood in my cubicle and juggled. Anything to get through the day of screaming customers.
But most of all I remember my boss at the time, Amanda.


She was a cool boss, not quick to judge or nag, but always ready to make a Patrick Dempsey reference to cheer me up if I was having a bad day. She was also great for having some small talk during my 15 minute breaks, and if you ever called out her name she always answered with "What's up?!" Being just 3 years older than me I guess I must not have taken her too seriously as my boss, because I used to prank email her during work hours. She laughed every time though. Anyway, the point is that once she stopped being my boss,
we were actually allowed to be friends.

This summer we hung out a lot during my visit to Danville, and during one of those times I annoyed her that she didn't have a facebook profile picture. It's kind of a huge deal to me, as a photographer, that I like to see people's faces. So that comment ended with a challenge from her part to take a picture of her that she would want to show in public. And hence came the "Facebook Profile Picture Mini-Shoot!"

We went to my aunt's basement and backyard and shot for about 25 minutes (during which I got 70 mosquito bites... yes, I counted) and this is what we came up with.

"Work the pout"




Oh, one last thing... be nice to the customer service line. Most of the time it's not their fault.

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