Thursday, November 4, 2010

JT&Lauren::: Preparation Is Key


Do you ever get the feeling that your life was completely different just a year ago? I do. It was only last summer that I was hanging out with my friend Amanda, going to Valencia and Barcelona, without a care in the world. Day job. Not shooting professionally. Not having thousands of pictures to edit, or blog posts to catch up on. Now I know this is going to make it sound like I think things were better then, but they're not. I wouldn't change a thing.

Among the things I wouldn't change would be meeting Amanda's friend Lauren, a.k.a. "Lohr-een!!" as people in Spain often mispronounced. Lauren was studying to be a Spanish teacher, and spending the summer in Spain. It's fair to say that she was a little homesick, and a little lonely, so Amanda found her company with my family of 7 siblings... not to mention the church. Basically, she went from lonely to crowded before she knew what hit her. Of course, no one actually hit Lauren... but we did hit it off right away.

On a trip to see a cathedral in Burgos. Lauren is in the shot... I am the photographer's shadow! :P

I remember our crazy-early breakfasts at a local cafe, heart-to-heart conversations with her in my dad's van on the way to take her home. Then there were the great laughs, and the near tears when she talked about how much she missed her boyfriend, JT.

When the summer was over Lauren excitedly went back home to Pennsylvania, and was a very very happy girl. Fast forward to Christmas time, and she and JT are getting engaged. An even happier girl!! ;) Fast forward, again, to August, and not only are they finally getting ready to tie the knot... but I am actually shooting the wedding!! Now it's TWO very happy girls!! :D

I feel like I could write 5 blog posts about this ONE wedding. So much to say. One of the great things about this wedding, one of the things that really set it apart from the rest, was that it was the first wedding that I shot for a friend. Lauren and I hadn't seen each other since the previous summer, so I actually spent the 2 days before the wedding hanging out with her, her family, and her brides maids. Another great thing was that they made their own flower arrangements and cake. I helped in the best way that I knew how... I took pictures of the process. Anyone that knows me knows that I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a kitchen (my microwave has been cleaned multiple times and I still can't get the smell of the burned popcorn out, my last attempt at "cooking" something).

I will leave you guys with a bunch of pictures of pre-wedding preparations and jitters. BTW, a big shout-out to Lauren's bridesmaids and helpers: Julie (for the "All The Single Ladies demo), Katie (for your awesome bake&text skills), Jen (for that picture of you busting the wrapped present open), Laura (for your natural mommy-like way of keeping everyone organized), Caroline (for dealing with the Taylor Swift resemblance jokes), and finally, Beth, Margaret, Megan, and Jamal for keeping everything fun.


L&JT Prep1


L&JT Prep9


L&JT Prep6



Girls: I am "hiring" you as my bridesmaids! :D

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  1. I LOVE this. It just totally made my day to read it and reminisce. Love you Adina!!!