Friday, January 28, 2011

"Come Fly With Me"


I love flying. I always have, and I am pretty sure I always will. I don't know what I like the most... going through fluffy clouds or knowing that even though people weren't created to fly, we do it anyway! There is a very rebellious side of me that REALLY loves that wants to go "HA!" in some bird's face.

Tiny soft drinks. Big fan. So cute. I remember being 12 and totally new to the flying experience. I kept on calling the flight attendant over about 5 times during a transatlantic flight, asking for soft drinks... that I kept on "collecting" in my backpack. I wasn't even thirsty, I just wanted one of each! :P

See, airports feel like home to me. Photography has given me so many opportunities to travel, that switching terminals in some random european capital is now part of who I am. Gone are the days where I was easily impressed by them. This is why my flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was so special. Even though it only lasted 45 minutes, I spent the whole time with my face glued to the window. Taking shots of everything. I'd never seen a view like that before. It's probably because I live in an area of Spain where the weather is very similar to London's, but something about seeing the desert and the mountains was just amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I just had to share it on the blog!






Aliens, I'm sure.
I love how the clouds in the way make it blurry as if I were using a tilt-shift lens! :)






"Welcome to Vegas Adina, now don't spend it all in one place..."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gavin::: Anytime

Gavin SantaMonica (39 of 74)

Santa Monica pier was where I would meet little Gavin and his wonderful mom, Nicole. Richelle had booked a shoot with them before my visit and we thought it would be super fun to shoot together that day.
We armed ourselves up with a fresh order of Starbucks and we were happily on our way.

Gavin SantaMonica (65 of 74)
What an awesome location! Everything was colored super bright and fun, which made for a million little places to take pictures. Gavin, being such an active little boy pretty much made sure that we got to see every single one of them, but that's part of the fun of shooting a two year old! :)
Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

Gavin SantaMonica (23 of 74)
Richelle convincing Gavin that pictures are fun!

Gavin SantaMonica (43 of 74)

Love the funny expressions on his face!

Gavin SantaMonica (37 of 74)

Gavin SantaMonica (58 of 74)

Gavin SantaMonica (59 of 74)

Gavin SantaMonica (57 of 74)

AmberLoftShoot (2 of 2)

It was a really great time in the sun chasing the little guy around. Such a cutie!

Gavin SantaMonica (61 of 74)

Thanks Richelle and Nicole for letting me tag along! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in California::: Disneyland!!!


You know you have a good friend when she is willing to finish doing two portrait sessions in a row, hop in her car, and drive 4 hours so she can pick you up all because you're under 25 and it's super lame that you can't rent a car. So... huge shout out to Richelle for being the greatest! The next couple days would consist of sitting around in a girly loft, eating chocolate covered pretzels, illegaly sneaking up to the roof to watch the fireworks at Disneyland. Or how we like to call it: "Loft Living."

Speaking of Disneyland, I was convinced (and I mean convinced) that Disneyland was a place for parents to spend way too much money on to push their children around in a stroller and have them cry because they're tired, and they think Goofy is scary. Don't ask me where I got this from,
but it's how I felt all my life.

In the early stages of planning my stay in Anaheim, Richelle suggested going to Disneyland... which is when I shared my personal opinion of the whole thing. Somewhere along the line I started thinking that since it was my first trip out to California I wanted to live "The California Experience" and do everything from surfing to eating sushi. Of course, going to Disneyland became part of the list.

As it turned out Richelle is a woman of many strings to pull, and she managed to call in a favor and get us in for free! Hollaaaaaaa!! Haha. It definitely made me like the whole experience a lot more. So... looong story short, I flippin love Disneyland!! In fact, the parents with the strollers should walk in a carpool lane
so I can get to the rides faster!! :D

AmberLoftShoot (52 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (19 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (18 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (115 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (41 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (120 of 146)

AmberLoftShoot (134 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (72 of 146)



AmberLoftShoot (96 of 146)

AmberLoftShoot (88 of 146)

AmberLoftShoot (109 of 146)

AmberLoftShoot (144 of 146)

AmberLoftShoot (146 of 146)

Tired and having had way too much fun, Richelle and I headed home. Or at least I thought we were headed home. Instead we met up with her roommate and had a blast at my very first Japanese dining experience. California, I think I love you!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Best of 2010

I've spent the last couple of days wondering what to do about a New Year's blog. I started out thinking that I should do some kind of a recap of my year, but then I realized that people that are following my blog likely already know what I've been up to. Not to mention it would be a really long blog post. So I figured I'd jump on the bang wagon and post some of my favorite photos from 2010.

I do want to take a moment and say that God blessed me beyond measure this year. I got to travel all over the place!! There were some little trips in Spain, but mainly going to The Netherlands in March and traveling all over the US for three
months doing photography were overwhelmingly amazing!!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from 2010. Which one do you like best?

AmberLoftShoot (2 of 2)
Gavin, Santa Monica

Washington DC with Jesse&Lydia

Disneyland, California
AmberLoftShoot (1 of 2)

Marleigh, Virginia (Coming Soon)
IMG_3178 copy

Santa Barbara Harbor (Coming Soon)
AmberLoftShoot (1 of 1)-2

Ryan&Julie,New York

AmberLoftShoot (2 of 13)

Bilbao, Spain

Ari (The Gorgeous Brother) Spain

Giethoorn, The Netherlands

AmberLoftShoot (6 of 13)
JT&Lauren, Pennsylvania
AmberLoftShoot (5 of 13)

Baby Esther, Spain

Mind The Gap Concert, Spain (Coming Soon)
AmberLoftShoot (13 of 13)

Down the road in Virginia.

Stephen&Sara, Virginia

Baby Jacob, Virginia

Ocean City, New Jersey
OceanCityPierPanorama1 copy

IMG_7830 copy

Las Vegas, Nevada (Coming Soon)


Xabi&Kathrin, Engagement

Baby Aiara, Spain (Coming Soon)
AmberLoftShoot (10 of 13)

AmberLoftShoot (1 of 1)

Eros&Shizuko, California (Coming Soon)
AmberLoftShoot (8 of 13)

Alex&Danielle, California
AmberLoftShoot (7 of 13)

Mackenzie (a.k.a. "Monkey), Coming Soon
AmberLoftShoot (11 of 13)

I hope you liked this post, I sure enjoyed every opportunity to shoot!

Photo Credit: Ghill Tochon

Happy New Year everybody!!