Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in California::: Disneyland!!!


You know you have a good friend when she is willing to finish doing two portrait sessions in a row, hop in her car, and drive 4 hours so she can pick you up all because you're under 25 and it's super lame that you can't rent a car. So... huge shout out to Richelle for being the greatest! The next couple days would consist of sitting around in a girly loft, eating chocolate covered pretzels, illegaly sneaking up to the roof to watch the fireworks at Disneyland. Or how we like to call it: "Loft Living."

Speaking of Disneyland, I was convinced (and I mean convinced) that Disneyland was a place for parents to spend way too much money on to push their children around in a stroller and have them cry because they're tired, and they think Goofy is scary. Don't ask me where I got this from,
but it's how I felt all my life.

In the early stages of planning my stay in Anaheim, Richelle suggested going to Disneyland... which is when I shared my personal opinion of the whole thing. Somewhere along the line I started thinking that since it was my first trip out to California I wanted to live "The California Experience" and do everything from surfing to eating sushi. Of course, going to Disneyland became part of the list.

As it turned out Richelle is a woman of many strings to pull, and she managed to call in a favor and get us in for free! Hollaaaaaaa!! Haha. It definitely made me like the whole experience a lot more. So... looong story short, I flippin love Disneyland!! In fact, the parents with the strollers should walk in a carpool lane
so I can get to the rides faster!! :D

AmberLoftShoot (52 of 146)


AmberLoftShoot (19 of 146)


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Tired and having had way too much fun, Richelle and I headed home. Or at least I thought we were headed home. Instead we met up with her roommate and had a blast at my very first Japanese dining experience. California, I think I love you!

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