Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adventures in Vegas::: First Night Out


The first surprise once I landed snuck up on me as I waited to pick up my luggage. They actually have slot machines EVERYWHERE! You can gamble your money away while you wait for your suitcase to show up. Crazy!

I couldn't wait to go exploring what had previously been described to me as the city that is "So tacky, it's cool" and taking pictures of the strip at night. My awesome photographer friend Chris was to be my tour guide and protector as I ventured through "Sin City." There's no way I would have gone on my own. We got some dinner and took a bajillion pictures of the strip.

That's an exact count, it was exactly one bajillion.

Here are some, but definitely not all.




Caesar's Palace Panorama


You can't not look at that butt, can you?

Viva Le France!! :)

As soon as I walked on to the strip I ran into "Exhibit A" or the first proof that I should never go to Vegas on my own. Just outside Caesar's Palace, this random guy walks up to me and is all "You have a nice camera...Take a picture of me!! No, REALLY!! READY?? GO!!" and he spreads his arms out and poses for me. I'm just standing there, too creeped out to even manual focus the shot, so it's all blurry. Then he says thanks and walks away. Chris was standing by the whole time and when I told him the guy just wanted his picture taken because I have a nice camera. He just laughed and said something like "I have a nice camera too. He just asked you because you're a cute girl with a nice camera." I'm sorry, but guys do that?!I am just way too naive.
This is why I need bodyguards.

The picture is no good, but I thought the story had to be told!

My favorite: the Bellagio fountains! :)

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