Friday, January 28, 2011

"Come Fly With Me"


I love flying. I always have, and I am pretty sure I always will. I don't know what I like the most... going through fluffy clouds or knowing that even though people weren't created to fly, we do it anyway! There is a very rebellious side of me that REALLY loves that wants to go "HA!" in some bird's face.

Tiny soft drinks. Big fan. So cute. I remember being 12 and totally new to the flying experience. I kept on calling the flight attendant over about 5 times during a transatlantic flight, asking for soft drinks... that I kept on "collecting" in my backpack. I wasn't even thirsty, I just wanted one of each! :P

See, airports feel like home to me. Photography has given me so many opportunities to travel, that switching terminals in some random european capital is now part of who I am. Gone are the days where I was easily impressed by them. This is why my flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas was so special. Even though it only lasted 45 minutes, I spent the whole time with my face glued to the window. Taking shots of everything. I'd never seen a view like that before. It's probably because I live in an area of Spain where the weather is very similar to London's, but something about seeing the desert and the mountains was just amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I just had to share it on the blog!






Aliens, I'm sure.
I love how the clouds in the way make it blurry as if I were using a tilt-shift lens! :)






"Welcome to Vegas Adina, now don't spend it all in one place..."

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