Friday, February 25, 2011

Adventures in Vegas::: Belaggio Fountains & Last Night

HDR Vegas2

There are many things in Las Vegas that I could live without, and a few that would make me want to stay there forever. One of the few that made the cut would be the Bellagio fountains. I definitely had to make my way out there on my last night in Las Vegas and check them out a couple more times.

Huge shout out to Chris for letting me stop and watch each and every time we walked by and the show was going to start soon. It seriously put a big smile on my face as I took a million shots of the beautiful show. He even spotted me so I wouldn't fall off the rail and die! That's true friendship! :D





I was sad to go but tried to make the most out of my last hours there. I finally got a chance to go to the New York New York casino and gamble a whopping $4 (of which I got to keep $3) and I yelled empty threats at Chris as we were shot up, down, and all around on the rollercoaster. It's a good thing it's so loud, so he didn't hear half of it... but it was pretty much "What'd I ever do to youuuuuuuu???!!!" All the way down the slope. It's a shame we didn't buy the picture: Him with a big smile on his face, arms up in the air, thoroughly enjoying the ride. Me: holding on to my glasses and with a priceless expression of my face that, again, says "It would be so fitting for me to die in Las Vegas."



HDR Vegas1



But I didn't die, and the next day I barely made my flight to Washington DC, where I would be flying back to Spain just 4 short days later. People can talk smack about Vegas, but when I sit at home and watch CSI... I miss it.

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