Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adventures In Virginia::: Walk With Marleigh

Back in Virginia for a few days I got to spend some time with my great friends Craig and Renee. Whenever I get to go to the DC area I always find time to hang out with them for a bit and they get to do fun things like pick me up from the airport, run errands together, and more importantly have "Grey's Anatomy/Strawberry Margarita" night. OK, so Craig didn't actually join in watching the show, but he did check in every once in a while to see how we were doing. I am a sucker for a good tv drama, and admittedly us girls can take that show a little too seriously! "Seriously? Seriously!" ;)

Other than that, let's not forget about Marleigh, their sweet little girl. Let me tell you, I have a blast chasing her around with or without a camera in hand. During my visit one day we all decided to go take a walk around Roosevelt Island. Of course I couldn't help but bring the camera along and snatch a million shots of the little princess. She is such a friendly one, warmed up to the camera almost immediately (wish I knew more adults like her!) and we definitely bonded over making funny faces in the back of the car and sharing french fries! Haha. What a cutie! :)







Keep Walking




Apparently we were walking right under a patch of sky that led straight to Dulles International Airport, because every 2 minutes or so there was a big commercial airplane flying across the sky directly above us. I've always had a thing for taking pictures of planes (or at least attempting to do so) and thought some of them turned out pretty good. As I looked up into the big blue summer sky, I couldn't keep the thought from entering my mind. In just a few days I would be the one inside a gigantic plane and on my way back across the Atlantic. Summer, where did you go?

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  1. Adults know how they look in the picture... But you can never have enough Grey's Anatomy- Margarita night :) It is always a pleasure to have you visit us!!! I can't wait until our next little adventure!