Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing "Friday Findings"::: "How Precious!!"


When I first started this blog I wanted to use it as a way to show people who I am, not just showcase my work. Unfortunately since I started my blog 6 months after I started shooting professionally I've had to spend the vast majority of my time just playing catch-up. I am happy to say that now that most of the work is done (by being almost caught up) I can focus on blogging a bit more of my personality and things
that I simply consider fun.

Therefore... (trumpets ring) " 'Tis shall be the start of a new era!!" (Do I hear the crowd cheering me on? I hope so!

So I hereby introduce a little weekly segment that I will call "Friday Findings" and it's my own little way of kicking off the weekend by sharing a laugh or two through things that I have found around the web and a funny photo.

For this very first blog post I MUST share this ridiculous video I found on my oh-so-faithful YouTube! I can NOT watch this video without laughing hysterically at "How Precious!" Hope you do too!! :)

Note: I went as far as to have a screen shot of this video as my facebook profile picture. That was a confusing week for my friends! :P

As far as the photo goes, anyone paying attention to my facebook or twitter has probably seen that I've been making good use of my iPhone by taking pictures wherever I go. Some are good, and others (like these ridiculous shots) are just too good!

Ridiculous Me
Watching the Royal Wedding, and trying on shoes during my trip to The Netherlands.

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment away and let me know what you think!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Xabi&Kathrin::: Trash The Dress

X&K TTD (48 of 98)

Two weeks after their fantabulous wedding, I met with Xabi&Kathrin to spend a funtastic afternoon taking pictures of them looking fabulicious. (Hey, it's my blog... I can make up words if I want to.) We had several locations in mind, the first of which was in front of the city hall of a nearby small town. Some of their friends were gonna meet us there to have pictures of their kids taken with the lovely bride and groom. Maybe I'm an old lady already, but I think it's so cute to see them with a handful of kids! :)

X&K TTD (6 of 98)

X&K TTD (20 of 98)

Then came the train tracks. Everybody knows I have a thing for train tracks. As we were setting up the shot cars were driving by and doing the usual honking and waving. They were good sports and smiled and waved back, all of this was to be expected. Then came the unexpected: I practically jumped out of my skin when one of the trains driving by honked too! Haha. From then on I think almost all the trains going by used their ridiculously loud horn. Just a small illustration of the fun we had that day! :) But don't worry, no more spoilers, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

X&K TTD (72 of 98)

X&K TTD (73 of 98)

X&K TTD (81 of 98)

x&k ttd

X&K TTD (94 of 98)

X&K TTD (96 of 98)

X&K TTD (89 of 98)

Xabi&Kathrin, thanks for being such good sports about everything.
As always, too much fun. Love you guys! ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mackenzie::: Anytime


I never use her name. My little sister's best friend has always responded to the name "Monkey" whenever I've called on her. (NOTE: She LOVES her nickname and refuses that I call her anything else!) I have known Mackenzie since she was a baby. She earned her nickname by both being the most ridiculously hyperactive 5 year old I had ever seen, and by being ridiculously good at moving around the jungle gym at the playground.

One of the funny things about Monkey is that as an only child she is always amused by the idea of what it must be like to have siblings. I told her I would gladly sell her some of mine, and that I charge per pound. She didn't take my offer, but I guess it's OK since she's pretty much been "adopted" into our family all along. I guess since it was already 7 of us children, one more couldn't hurt, right? ;)

Sadly, Monkey had to move to Barcelona a few years ago, which is a 7 hour drive from our lovely home. Last fall she came for a quick visit and I managed to snatch a couple shots of the hilarious loveable and gorgeous girl!






I miss my Monkey! Come again soon! ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Xabi&Kathrin::: Wedding

X&K TTD (98 of 98)

After months of preparation, nervousness, and millions or errands run... the day was finally here. Xabi&Kathrin were getting married!

I remember meeting them months before at a local coffee shop. Kathrin and I had spent a couple weeks emailing, chatting regularly, and otherwise getting to know each other online. The day we met was awesome because by then it really felt more like friends hanging out than us being in a client meeting. Xabi had just been thrown into the equation, and I think it's fair to say that he was initially somewhat skeptical. I actually thought it was really cute. He asked all the tough questions, and I was confident in my answers. I knew he was just trying to protect his lovely wife-to-be, so I knew my new friend was in good hands.

I was quick to win him over though, and by the time the e-session had come and gone, we were all getting really excited about the wedding pictures! In fact, it seems that every time I posted a sneak peek of a new shoot Kathrin was quick no notice it and "like" it on facebook, frequently commenting on how impatient she was to see her own. Fortunately the day came rather quickly. Their wedding was a beautiful day and even the light rain couldn't wash out the great mood. There was delicious food, traditional dancing, and way too much fun! Did I mention love? Yeah, there was also a lot of love. They are obviously crazy about each other, and I really really loved shooting this wedding. I was initially a bit worried that there may be a language barrier with all the Germans that flew in, but as soon as I started counting to 3 in German while taking the formal shots, and overheard one of the guests order beer in Spanish I knew we'd all understand each other perfectly. Oh what a day...
























Congratulations Xabi&Kathrin, I wish you the very best!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Aiara::: Newborn

Baby Aiara
was barely one week old when we first met to do her very first photo session. She has just woken up from a nap and was ready to take on the world with her gorgeous dark eyes. She was really calm and barely cried during a shoot (which is
such a blessing!) so we went all out and played around with lots of different outfits and settings. This was a really fun shoot, and I can't wait to do another one when
she is a toddler! :)




"Little Pink Riding Hood!"

Looks like a little boxer in this one! ;)

We all had a great idea to put her in their motorcycle helmet. I loved the creativity involved, and the pictures turned out great. Daddy took his time and was very careful in removing her from the helmet. It was a tight squeeze for Aiara, we kept joking about her feeling like she was literally being born again!







What a beautiful family! :)