Friday, April 15, 2011

Mackenzie::: Anytime


I never use her name. My little sister's best friend has always responded to the name "Monkey" whenever I've called on her. (NOTE: She LOVES her nickname and refuses that I call her anything else!) I have known Mackenzie since she was a baby. She earned her nickname by both being the most ridiculously hyperactive 5 year old I had ever seen, and by being ridiculously good at moving around the jungle gym at the playground.

One of the funny things about Monkey is that as an only child she is always amused by the idea of what it must be like to have siblings. I told her I would gladly sell her some of mine, and that I charge per pound. She didn't take my offer, but I guess it's OK since she's pretty much been "adopted" into our family all along. I guess since it was already 7 of us children, one more couldn't hurt, right? ;)

Sadly, Monkey had to move to Barcelona a few years ago, which is a 7 hour drive from our lovely home. Last fall she came for a quick visit and I managed to snatch a couple shots of the hilarious loveable and gorgeous girl!






I miss my Monkey! Come again soon! ;)

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