Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ruthie Visit

There were jokes going around as to why Ruth, one of my best friends, was going to visit me from The Netherlands on Valentine's Day weekend. I, of course, went along with it and said it's because she clearly adooooores me, but in fact it was one of those strange little ideas I had. I figured that since she had to plan her visit for February, and we are both single, it would be best to hang out then and have a chick-flick/chocolate-fest/giggle-party on Valentine's day and actually make the best out of not having dates. Especially since the popular dateless Valentine's option seems to be to sit at home with a box of kleenexes listening to Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" and Celine Dion's "All By Myself" on repeat. I think I made the right call on that one. Just a thought. :)

As a world traveler, I was sure that Ruth would have no problem going around the metro with me. I was wrong. It was 7pm and we were just sitting in an overcrowded wagon, tired, and mostly in silence. Then suddenly and completely out of the blue Ruth says "Diablo!" (devil in Spanish) and I just about jumped out of my skin saying "Don't say that, someone will spray Holy Water on you!" Haha. I was sure this was the end of our adventure, but I was proved wrong again. As we are exiting the metro I see Ruth pulling away from the direction of a trash can. I say to her "You didn't throw away your ticket, did you?" and she gives me this guilty look. She had 5 more trips on there, so I had to stick my hand in the trash to rescue her ticket.
That's friendship!

Anyway, it was a hilarious visit and we had the greatest time with long heart-to-heart talks deep into the night and way-too-early mornings feeling like zombies. Did I mention we ended up spending Valentines day watching Iron Man? Yeah, I think scheduling that visit through that weekend was amazing. Now if only I could get some guy to tell me how they can possibly end the movie with the last line being "I am Iron Man!"

So here's a few shots of a little family outing we had to show her around:



My dad about to scare the bejeebelies out of Ruth! ;)


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