Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Findings::: "Geeropaaaaaah!"


Surprising as it may seem, you can find this week's photo as part of my online portfolio. It was taken as the single men were going to catch the garter at Alex&Danielle's beautiful San Diego wedding last August. The guys' expressions are priceless! :)

TV ads make up for what, I think, are some of the funniest short clips out there. I love the creativity involved in creating something that is stunning, surprising, or just plain hilarious in as little as 30 seconds. This was a very popular Spanish add a couple years ago. Still good today! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruthie::: Anytime


San Sebastian is known internationally for it's film festival that brings big name celebrities to it's beautiful shores every year. Since it's only one hour away and my parents had to do some business there, Ruthie and I decided to go with them and check it out. We had about two hours to hang out and go exploring while they were at a meeting, so we got some breakfast and a much needed caffeine boost and set out for the beach. I decided that it was definitely time for a little spontaneous shooty-shoot-shoot (and yes, that's a technical term) and here's what went down.




Seriously, I am so jealous of her eyes.

The infamous butt print ;)

What makes you think I did something to her hoodie?

Are you tired of hearing just one side of the story? Then hear her version here. ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Findings::: "Moo!"


Isn't that the cutest "moo face" you've ever seen? Growing up I always defended that I was sending someone a kiss, but my siblings insist that I am pretending to be a cow. It's funnier that way, so

fair enough!

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is to grab some tea, get comfy on the couch, and stalk facebook for Ellen Degeneres videos. She is just hilarious and has a bazillion ridiculous segments on her show that are bound to make me laugh until I forget my sorrows. Came across this one yesterday that I thought was particularily good. I dedicate this video to my dear cousin Chris who once told me how people were selling a bag full of japanese trash on Ebay! By the way, I've never really used craigslist, but now it's safe to say I'm a little bit scared!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ruthie Visit

There were jokes going around as to why Ruth, one of my best friends, was going to visit me from The Netherlands on Valentine's Day weekend. I, of course, went along with it and said it's because she clearly adooooores me, but in fact it was one of those strange little ideas I had. I figured that since she had to plan her visit for February, and we are both single, it would be best to hang out then and have a chick-flick/chocolate-fest/giggle-party on Valentine's day and actually make the best out of not having dates. Especially since the popular dateless Valentine's option seems to be to sit at home with a box of kleenexes listening to Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" and Celine Dion's "All By Myself" on repeat. I think I made the right call on that one. Just a thought. :)

As a world traveler, I was sure that Ruth would have no problem going around the metro with me. I was wrong. It was 7pm and we were just sitting in an overcrowded wagon, tired, and mostly in silence. Then suddenly and completely out of the blue Ruth says "Diablo!" (devil in Spanish) and I just about jumped out of my skin saying "Don't say that, someone will spray Holy Water on you!" Haha. I was sure this was the end of our adventure, but I was proved wrong again. As we are exiting the metro I see Ruth pulling away from the direction of a trash can. I say to her "You didn't throw away your ticket, did you?" and she gives me this guilty look. She had 5 more trips on there, so I had to stick my hand in the trash to rescue her ticket.
That's friendship!

Anyway, it was a hilarious visit and we had the greatest time with long heart-to-heart talks deep into the night and way-too-early mornings feeling like zombies. Did I mention we ended up spending Valentines day watching Iron Man? Yeah, I think scheduling that visit through that weekend was amazing. Now if only I could get some guy to tell me how they can possibly end the movie with the last line being "I am Iron Man!"

So here's a few shots of a little family outing we had to show her around:



My dad about to scare the bejeebelies out of Ruth! ;)


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Findings::: "Bouncy Birthdays"

Ah, it's Friday again and I get another chance to show off what I think to be interesting, funny, or whatever I want. I have to admit that this is proving to be a bit of a challenge. For one I feel like I could share millions or photos or videos, for another, I have a tough time making a decision. Choosing the photo for this week was pretty easy though. Whenever I think of a hilarious photo, this is one of the first to come to mind. As a photojournalist I feel like my mission is to be able to capture moments and emotion as they happen. I want my photos to transmit a certain feeling or get a certain reaction. I can honestly say this this photo couldn't be posed. Just a little back story: This what at my sister Amber's birthday last year. My younger sister got her some of those prank candles that turn back on a million times after you blow them out.

Hence the face! :)


A good friend of mine shared this video on facebook today. I have to admit that I am impressed. I feel like I would probably would hit the gym a whole lot more if it meant doing some of this in the process. I am seriously impressed by these people in two different levels: 1) because I am really clumsy and not so coordinated and could never do something like that (I've been known for standing and suddenly, without moving, losing my balance and start tipping over!) 2) I love creativity, and I love how creative this is. I love that someone had the idea to create a center where people can literally jump off the walls.

Simply fantastic!

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Parade:::Cabalgata De Reyes"


According to Spanish culture, Santa Claus doesn't bring presents to children. In fact the story goes on to say that on January 5th the three wise men (who in the Spanish translation are three "wizard kings") parade around town throwing candy to the children and later on visit their homes to bring them presents. Of course, having a gigantic colourful parade is just as good of a reason as any to meet up with my second shooter, walk around, and have a blast taking pictures!

Every year the different groups that make up the parade are made possible by small local youth organizations and such. I guess this year the city hall decided to hire a traveling circus, and it made for a really weird and yet awesome parade. The streets were overflowing with people, and I saw Darwin's theory come to life as the bigger, stronger, and faster kids run, push, and otherwise beat the smaller kids in getting the majority of the candy. In order for me to be able to get the shots I wanted I ended up walking close enough to the action to not only keep a couple small kids from running too close to the floats, but also to consequently have a ton of candy literally raining on me. I started collecting some of it (basically as something to do between shots) and soon enough decided to go around handing candy to random kids on their parents shoulders that I know aren't really coordinated enough to catch them mid-air. I've done this before and it's always so funny to see their little faces when you want to give them candy, look up to their mom (who says it's fine to take it) and then their faces just beaming as they get the candy! So so cute! :)















I pretty much left the parade feeling like if I had a penny for every piece of hard candy to hit my head while I was shooting I'd have a small fortune. Handing them out definitely made it worth the hits, but make no mistake: next year I am bringing a helmet! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Findings::: Squiggs Photobooth&The Apple Factory

So it's about time to write another one of these lovely blogs. I have to say that I am getting really excited about this new section on the blog because I think it's going to be super fun to write, and hopefully reading it will be somewhat entertaining for you guys.

Picture 5
The Photo: This week I have picked this ridiculous photo of me and my friend Squiggs. We go way back (I think we met when I was 15) and she spent the first couple of years (when I was mostly friends with her older sister) pretending like she didn't like me. Scratch that, like she couldnt stand me. Of course it was all a front. Anyway, she loves me. On my last visit last summer, on my last day in the US I was crashing at her house. Because it was a school night (and she is a couple years younger than me, and my inner child is very much outside most of the time) we were supposed to be sleeping, and were instead being really quiet. It's hard to be really quiet while taking pictures of ourselves in photobooth. Especially when one of the pictures turns out like this. So... fast forward to today. When I am having a bad day, I kid you not, I open up this picture and it still makes me laugh. I would encourage you to save it on your computer or bookmark this page, because if you're at all like me, it will never get old. (unfortunately embedding is no longer allowed!) :(

The video: I think it was about last week when I actually ran into this video on a different blog. Call me a copycat, but I wanted to share it just the same. Basically everybody knows that I love all things Apple, and of course people always have something to say about that. It's the old Mac of PC, Canon or Nikon, Pepsi or Coke, kind of debate. Anyway, I know the people who created this video aren't exactly playing for my team, but I love the creativity involved and I just laugh out loud with the song every time. So, again, I had to share it. :)

Oh, and for the record, it's Mac, Canon, and Pepsi! Want to debate me on this? Leave a comment! ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

MTG::: Complot

MTG Complot  (6 of 64)

Exactly one day before rolling in the new year, I had a special day marked on my calendar. My friends from Mind The Gap were having a special show that would pay tribute to the band Pearl Jam. By that point we had been talking a lot about doing some co-writing or me guest staring in one of their shows. This was the day. We picked "Last Kiss" as the song that I would join them on stage and play drums to. It was pretty nerve wrecking because I had never played drums in public. So as the show went on I just took pictures until it was my turn. I went up there and did my best and messed up once or twice but had a great time jamming on stage! There is even a short video of my debut as a drummer, enjoy!

MTG Complot  (48 of 64)

MTG Complot  (43 of 64)

MTG Complot  (15 of 64)

MTG Complot  (24 of 64)

MTG Complot  (64 of 64)

MTG Complot  (41 of 64)
When I am nervous I avoid eye contact and I laugh. This is me trying to not laugh.

MTG Complot  (58 of 64)

MTG Complot  (32 of 64)

MTG Complot  (45 of 64)

MTG Complot  (34 of 64)