Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Findings::: Squiggs Photobooth&The Apple Factory

So it's about time to write another one of these lovely blogs. I have to say that I am getting really excited about this new section on the blog because I think it's going to be super fun to write, and hopefully reading it will be somewhat entertaining for you guys.

Picture 5
The Photo: This week I have picked this ridiculous photo of me and my friend Squiggs. We go way back (I think we met when I was 15) and she spent the first couple of years (when I was mostly friends with her older sister) pretending like she didn't like me. Scratch that, like she couldnt stand me. Of course it was all a front. Anyway, she loves me. On my last visit last summer, on my last day in the US I was crashing at her house. Because it was a school night (and she is a couple years younger than me, and my inner child is very much outside most of the time) we were supposed to be sleeping, and were instead being really quiet. It's hard to be really quiet while taking pictures of ourselves in photobooth. Especially when one of the pictures turns out like this. So... fast forward to today. When I am having a bad day, I kid you not, I open up this picture and it still makes me laugh. I would encourage you to save it on your computer or bookmark this page, because if you're at all like me, it will never get old. (unfortunately embedding is no longer allowed!) :(

The video: I think it was about last week when I actually ran into this video on a different blog. Call me a copycat, but I wanted to share it just the same. Basically everybody knows that I love all things Apple, and of course people always have something to say about that. It's the old Mac of PC, Canon or Nikon, Pepsi or Coke, kind of debate. Anyway, I know the people who created this video aren't exactly playing for my team, but I love the creativity involved and I just laugh out loud with the song every time. So, again, I had to share it. :)

Oh, and for the record, it's Mac, Canon, and Pepsi! Want to debate me on this? Leave a comment! ;)

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