Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Parade:::Cabalgata De Reyes"


According to Spanish culture, Santa Claus doesn't bring presents to children. In fact the story goes on to say that on January 5th the three wise men (who in the Spanish translation are three "wizard kings") parade around town throwing candy to the children and later on visit their homes to bring them presents. Of course, having a gigantic colourful parade is just as good of a reason as any to meet up with my second shooter, walk around, and have a blast taking pictures!

Every year the different groups that make up the parade are made possible by small local youth organizations and such. I guess this year the city hall decided to hire a traveling circus, and it made for a really weird and yet awesome parade. The streets were overflowing with people, and I saw Darwin's theory come to life as the bigger, stronger, and faster kids run, push, and otherwise beat the smaller kids in getting the majority of the candy. In order for me to be able to get the shots I wanted I ended up walking close enough to the action to not only keep a couple small kids from running too close to the floats, but also to consequently have a ton of candy literally raining on me. I started collecting some of it (basically as something to do between shots) and soon enough decided to go around handing candy to random kids on their parents shoulders that I know aren't really coordinated enough to catch them mid-air. I've done this before and it's always so funny to see their little faces when you want to give them candy, look up to their mom (who says it's fine to take it) and then their faces just beaming as they get the candy! So so cute! :)















I pretty much left the parade feeling like if I had a penny for every piece of hard candy to hit my head while I was shooting I'd have a small fortune. Handing them out definitely made it worth the hits, but make no mistake: next year I am bringing a helmet! ;)

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