Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruthie::: Anytime


San Sebastian is known internationally for it's film festival that brings big name celebrities to it's beautiful shores every year. Since it's only one hour away and my parents had to do some business there, Ruthie and I decided to go with them and check it out. We had about two hours to hang out and go exploring while they were at a meeting, so we got some breakfast and a much needed caffeine boost and set out for the beach. I decided that it was definitely time for a little spontaneous shooty-shoot-shoot (and yes, that's a technical term) and here's what went down.




Seriously, I am so jealous of her eyes.

The infamous butt print ;)

What makes you think I did something to her hoodie?

Are you tired of hearing just one side of the story? Then hear her version here. ;)

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