Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Findings::: "Michael Jackson"


His childhood was cut short, and so was his life. He was an artist. A man who inspired thousands. He was Michael Jackson.



He was tormented, but his music enriched countless lives, and many of his songs brought the world a message of hope. So many loved him and so many just loved making fun of him. I personally love that his music brings back so many childhood memories. But it's not just about me. Who hasn't tapped their foot on the floor to a good Michael Jackson beat? Who hasn't danced around pretending to be a zombie when "Thriller" was on the radio? And who doesn't get emotional with "Heal The World?" -sigh- And when someone influences people, it changes the world. Music was changed, forever. Dance was changed, forever.

No credit to myself, these are just a few things I found across the web this morning. So here's my little tribute to Michael Jackson. And even though his body is gone, his memory will live forever. So all I'm really saying here is: Long live the king.


R.I.P. Michael. I really hope you finally found peace.

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