Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Findings::: Bring On The Beer!


Who doesn't like beer? Well, I don't... so stop judging me! Haha. You surely won't find me Tim King-ing it, and drinking a cold one on a video blog while talking about my photography business. Even though I appreciate his boldness and authenticity, I personally feel that beer tastes pretty close to what I can only imagine as being the flavor of chilled devil's pee. But beer lovers all around, don't hate me just yet! While I obviously think that beer is tremendously overrated, I do enjoy a good beer add. Why? Because even though I may not completely agree with the message that is being sent out in a lot of beer adds, I also think that most beer commercials are simply original and quite funny. And who couldn't finish off their week with an extra dose of laughter?

Happy Friday! Drink responsibly. ;)

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