Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Findings::: Photography-Gone-Wild!

I love photography. I love photographers. I love the techy, the experienced, the people who know the know-how's behind every question I've been dying to know the answer to. I was talking to a friend recently and surprised her when talking about batteries I casually worded out "Nickel-Metal-Hydride" instead of "NiMH." That's when I realized maybe I'm turning a bit geeky myself. This all got me thinking that there were probably others out there who had been walking the walk way longer than I have. It is clear to me that I must be a simple Padawan in a universe full of Master Jedi's. And yes, I know that last comment just turned me into even more of a geek. My point is: Inside every photographer there is a geek. If you don't agree, I challenge you to find a photographer out there who doesn't think either of these is awesome.

canon 5Dmkiii
If you'd been wondering what the Canon 5D mkiii would feature, here is a photo that Canon just released.

If you find yourself sitting in your studio with some time on your hands and not knowing what you do... try recreating THIS!


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