Monday, August 29, 2011

Concert::: Coti!


He hit the first chord progression and my mind immediately went back to 4 years ago. I was driving my tiny blue '94 Ford Escort wagon. I was going down some country road, 10 miles faster than the posted speed limit. The wind was blatantly roaring on it's way in through the window. And I was singing along to one of my favorite singer songwriters: Coti.


This summer Coti was playing a free show, as part of the scheduled festivities for my town's holiday week. I wasn't entirely sure if I would be going to the show or not, I hadn't listened to his music in a while. It seemed to speak to me a lot more when I was living in Virginia. I was homesick, I knew, and these things brought me a tiny bit closer to home. When I moved back I soon realized that I didn't have the need to listen to all the same music anymore. Some of it was eventually removed off of my iTunes library... but not Coti. He stayed.

I was sitting in my living room, across the street from where they were playing the live show. I was editing something on my computer, and suddenly the music took me back to that place. That road. That window. That song. I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and quickly going down to the show.

I was planning on being really nice and smart about it. Only going as far as I possibly could before people got really pushy. I wasn't going to be shoved around with my camera on me. So I just politely went in between the pockets of space between people, stopped, and took pictures. Then something unexpected happened: people directly in front of me started noticing the giant lens right next to their shoulder. They would then turn around, see me, apologize, and insist on letting me go by. I was a bit confused at first, until I realized that seeing the size of my camera they were all assuming that I was part of the press, trying to get a decent photo for a local newspaper or something. Of course, I knew that if that were the case I should have had a press pass, but they didn't and were still insisting that I go in front of them. I simply smiled, said thank you, and walked on by. I never once asked to go in front of anyone. This kept happening over and over, and before I knew it... I was in the front row! Such a great night. I loved the light show. Such an improvement from all the other shows I'd ever shot. The experience overall was amazing, and I really liked the images I was able to get, so here's a few! :)







Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Findings::: Bean, The Sequel!


It's going to seem like I have a recent obsession with beans, but I couldnt help it. A while back I was watching tv with my family when my mom and little sister decided to watch Mr Bean's Holiday. This scene from the movie seriously got the best of me. As soon as I finished watching it, I knew I wanted to post it!

When I started writing
this blog post today I wanted to find a funny picture related to the video. One google image search away and I found that there's a lot of people having way too much fun photoshopping Mr Bean's face on to things. Too funny to keep to myself. So here are some of my favorites!




Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Adventures in San Sebastian::: Beach Time!!


After running with the bulls we were on the move again! We were pretty much over the slimy, drunk-infested streets of Pamplona. Everything was way overpriced, and you could feel it in the air that the holiday was quickly coming to an end. It was, after all, the second-to-last day. We went back to the hotel and quickly gathered our things, and set out to catch a bus to San Sebastian.

We were all exhausted, and as we started boarding the bus I immediately felt like we weren't the only ones. It's funny to get on a bus full of exhausted collage-aged guys, their blood shot eyes, 3 day stubble, and messy hair all telling the story of the great time they've had in the past x-number of hours. At last, I thought it would be a smooth ride all the way to the beautiful coastline. And just as quickly, I lost all hope of getting any sleep. There were two teenagers on the bus, completely drunk, yelling and singing nonesense about 2 rows behind us. I really don't know how they didn't just get kicked out of the bus. They were even drinking AND smoking in the bus! They were making fun of the foreigners around, and I admit to wanting to start a revolution. I was about to stand up and ask (in English) who wanted to shut them up. I was sure that about half of the bus would stand up, and the kids seeing that their faces were about to be "internationally stamped" would sit down and be quiet. But alas, I actually just stayed in my seat and saw as people who had managed to fall asleep suddenly jumped up at the sound of them screaming. This went on for the whole 1 hour bus ride. No sleep. Not happy. As we invading the aisle to leave the bus, one of them spotted my camera and said "Hey camera girl! Take my picture!!" I very slowly and calmly looked him straight and the eye and said "No" and have to admit to having a light feeling of satisfaction in doing so. We were all still annoyed and terribly exhausted, but we decided that we were in San Sebastian and wouldn't let that get in between us and having
a great time!

As I left my bad attitude behind and started walking towards the Hotel, I quickly realized that even though I use Google Maps quite frequently and I recognize is as being an amazing tool for people that were born without a sense of direction (pretty sure when they were handing it out, I got lost on the way) it is missing one feature: elevation. We walked for a mile in crazy elevation and intense heat. Not to mention, the hotel was nearly impossible to find. Pretty much hiding behind a group of private properties with signs on the gates to keep out. We asked a couple friendly locals, and sure enough we managed to find it. In the words of Dora The Explorer "We did it!" Yes, I just went there. I blame the heat.

We left our things at the hotel and caught a bus to the beach. There is something to be said about just laying in the sand, listening to the waves crashing, feeling the sun gently kissing your face... without a care in the world or a place to go. There was small talk, walking around downtown, grabbing a bite to eat, and then sooner than I would have liked, catching a bus back home.













Thanks guys for such an amazing time!

(Be sure to check out Ryan's blog post here.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Findings::: Bars, Beans, and Flower Pots!!


Have you ever seen one of those movies that have 5-10 different characters, with different stories, and somehow all connect at the end of the movie? Think "Love Actually". Well this blog post is going to be a little bit like that. On the one hand you have the bar I live right across the street from, on the other a flower pot, and on a foot (since I'm all out of hands) a bean.

I have to admit that I am not exactly what one would call a morning person. In fact, I hate morning. I think part of the reason is because I have problems going to sleep, therefore morning always come uninvited and far too early. But I'm not merely using this blog post to complain, my pathetic ability to sleep is no one's fault. Except during the weekend. In comes the bar across the street. Said bar closes at about 5 am every Friday and Saturday "night" and out come the temporarily hearing impaired, euphoric, and completely intoxicated people... yelling, singing, and otherwise being obnoxious. This of course wakes me up. In comes the flower pot.
Why? Simply because my first instinct is always a deep desire to go out to the balcony and start throwing flower pots at them until they run for their life.

What does any of this have to do with a bean? I guess it would seem safe to assume that I am growing some type of beans in those airborne flower pots. Wrong. Instead it tracks back to a video that I saw a couple years ago. So this Friday Findings is glad to present "Killer Bean". Beautifully crafted, quite funny, and easily something that people can relate to at one point or another. In a fantasy world, on a random sleepless Saturday night, I would be this bean.

So now you know... when you're out partying tonight and leave the bar, don't forget to look up every once in a while, God-forbid there might be a flower pot flying your way! (Haha. OK, so I am totally exaggerating a bit, but do remember to drink responsibly and to try to be respectful of other people in the area.)

Happy Friday!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures in Pamplona::: Running Of The Bulls!


I had never been to San Fermin. To be honest, I had never had much of an interest in going. To me the internationally known holiday, just an hour drive away, had always depicted an image of drunkenness and bravery dashed with a hint of stupidity. I had been somewhat intrigued by it since starting photography, but I always assumed that being only an hour and a half drive away I could always find time to go. I guess it's like those people who live in Paris but have never been up the Eiffel tower. It wasn't until Tim King and a few of his friends told me they were planning a trip to Pamplona this year that I decided to be on my way.


Their trip pretty much started all wrong. They flew into Madrid and after just one day of exploring they woke up the next day to discover that someone had broken into their locker at the hostal and stolen thousands of dollars worth of their belongings. Professional cameras, lenses, laptops, wallets, even a passport. Talk about a nightmare. I found out about this "hiccup" just a few hours before I was bound to catch my bus to meet them. They said they would try to make it to the train to Pamplona on time but weren't sure about how long they would be stuck at the American embassy, trying to get a new passport. Did I mention they stole their cell phone?

Yeah, no way of communicating...


To make matters worse, if I got to Pamplona and they were nowhere to be found I would have to spend the night wandering the streets by myself, surrounded by drunks, and with my heavy camera bag on me. Still, somehow I found myself actually boarding the bus, unaware if I was about to set myself up for a really long potentially dangerous night. I don't know what got me thinking that Pamplona was only a one hour bus ride away, but it's actually 1:45, and I was running more than an hour late of when I told them I would be there to find them. I quickly hailed a cab to the train station and hoped and prayed they would be there. The cab driver said there was no train that arrived at the time they had specified. Perfect.

Getting anxious by the minute, I decided to stick around the train station to see if they managed to board the last train. Hundreds of people filled platform one, and I stood on my tiptoes hoping to spot them. "Any minute now, please God?" and when the train was about 3/4ths my eye went straight to the Showit brown t-shirt from last year’s tour, and I knew Tim would be the one sporting it. Awesome!


Our adventure involved a lot of walking and using Google maps to find where to go next, but we made it to the hotel on time and I managed to get a whole ONE hour of sleep before getting up at 5:30am to be on our way to the running of the bulls. We revved up our engines with granola bars, and we passed the area smelling of all-things-unpleasant , with partygoers still in full swing, as we happily sipped on the straws of our juice boxes. It kinda figures that upon planning a daytrip with 3 guys my motherly instincts would kick in and make me pack a breakfast to go! When we finished up our coffe, we found a good spot for me to sit behind the fence and have a good vantage point from which to attempt to get a shot of the guys running with the bulls.

IMG_1964The hotel's sleeping arrangement for four...






What?! You didn't actually think I would run, did you? I gotta save something for next year! ;) After that we ate a quick lunch and were on our way to spend the rest of the day in San Sebastian.

Visit Tim and Ryan's blog to see their side of the story! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Findings::: Nine Inch Nails!!

Picture 1

I was casually riding the metro back home a couple days ago, when my sister directed my attention to another passenger. More specifically to her nails. They were several inches long, and I felt tempted to think that she wouldn't be allowed through airport security. It was then that I started thinking about how funny it seems to me for people to put so much thought and care into their nails. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I guess it's just not my thing. See, growing up I was a tomboy, and later on in life I didn't hesitate to take up playing guitar, drums, and even some violin. None of these skills are known for tolerating long fingernails, and you can forget about having your nail polish staying on and looking perfect. Throw in biting my nails when I'm nervous to the mix... and you get the idea. Still, I appreciate the creativity some girls throw into getting their nails done. Even if I am still scratching my head over Legally Blonde's Elle Woods character saying that what always makes her feel better is a good


I totally understand someone getting this...


Click here to see more funny nail photos

I feel like this is what would happen to me if I ever went to the nail salon...

Happy Friday, celebrate with a mani-pedi?!! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Findings::: Bring On The Beer!


Who doesn't like beer? Well, I don't... so stop judging me! Haha. You surely won't find me Tim King-ing it, and drinking a cold one on a video blog while talking about my photography business. Even though I appreciate his boldness and authenticity, I personally feel that beer tastes pretty close to what I can only imagine as being the flavor of chilled devil's pee. But beer lovers all around, don't hate me just yet! While I obviously think that beer is tremendously overrated, I do enjoy a good beer add. Why? Because even though I may not completely agree with the message that is being sent out in a lot of beer adds, I also think that most beer commercials are simply original and quite funny. And who couldn't finish off their week with an extra dose of laughter?

Happy Friday! Drink responsibly. ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Raquel::: Maternity


They were glowing
as they opened the door to their home. Raquel&Ibon were going to be parents for the first time and they couldn't be happier to have a little photo shoot to remember this moment by. A little bit camera shy at first, they quickly got comfortable while we had small talk and a short coffee break during the shoot. He is a great guitar player and I thought it was super sweet when he suggested playing some music for her and the baby. Sweet and happy people, caffeine, and great music. What more could I ask for?






I can't wait to meet the little one! :)