Monday, August 22, 2011

Adventures in San Sebastian::: Beach Time!!


After running with the bulls we were on the move again! We were pretty much over the slimy, drunk-infested streets of Pamplona. Everything was way overpriced, and you could feel it in the air that the holiday was quickly coming to an end. It was, after all, the second-to-last day. We went back to the hotel and quickly gathered our things, and set out to catch a bus to San Sebastian.

We were all exhausted, and as we started boarding the bus I immediately felt like we weren't the only ones. It's funny to get on a bus full of exhausted collage-aged guys, their blood shot eyes, 3 day stubble, and messy hair all telling the story of the great time they've had in the past x-number of hours. At last, I thought it would be a smooth ride all the way to the beautiful coastline. And just as quickly, I lost all hope of getting any sleep. There were two teenagers on the bus, completely drunk, yelling and singing nonesense about 2 rows behind us. I really don't know how they didn't just get kicked out of the bus. They were even drinking AND smoking in the bus! They were making fun of the foreigners around, and I admit to wanting to start a revolution. I was about to stand up and ask (in English) who wanted to shut them up. I was sure that about half of the bus would stand up, and the kids seeing that their faces were about to be "internationally stamped" would sit down and be quiet. But alas, I actually just stayed in my seat and saw as people who had managed to fall asleep suddenly jumped up at the sound of them screaming. This went on for the whole 1 hour bus ride. No sleep. Not happy. As we invading the aisle to leave the bus, one of them spotted my camera and said "Hey camera girl! Take my picture!!" I very slowly and calmly looked him straight and the eye and said "No" and have to admit to having a light feeling of satisfaction in doing so. We were all still annoyed and terribly exhausted, but we decided that we were in San Sebastian and wouldn't let that get in between us and having
a great time!

As I left my bad attitude behind and started walking towards the Hotel, I quickly realized that even though I use Google Maps quite frequently and I recognize is as being an amazing tool for people that were born without a sense of direction (pretty sure when they were handing it out, I got lost on the way) it is missing one feature: elevation. We walked for a mile in crazy elevation and intense heat. Not to mention, the hotel was nearly impossible to find. Pretty much hiding behind a group of private properties with signs on the gates to keep out. We asked a couple friendly locals, and sure enough we managed to find it. In the words of Dora The Explorer "We did it!" Yes, I just went there. I blame the heat.

We left our things at the hotel and caught a bus to the beach. There is something to be said about just laying in the sand, listening to the waves crashing, feeling the sun gently kissing your face... without a care in the world or a place to go. There was small talk, walking around downtown, grabbing a bite to eat, and then sooner than I would have liked, catching a bus back home.













Thanks guys for such an amazing time!

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