Monday, August 29, 2011

Concert::: Coti!


He hit the first chord progression and my mind immediately went back to 4 years ago. I was driving my tiny blue '94 Ford Escort wagon. I was going down some country road, 10 miles faster than the posted speed limit. The wind was blatantly roaring on it's way in through the window. And I was singing along to one of my favorite singer songwriters: Coti.


This summer Coti was playing a free show, as part of the scheduled festivities for my town's holiday week. I wasn't entirely sure if I would be going to the show or not, I hadn't listened to his music in a while. It seemed to speak to me a lot more when I was living in Virginia. I was homesick, I knew, and these things brought me a tiny bit closer to home. When I moved back I soon realized that I didn't have the need to listen to all the same music anymore. Some of it was eventually removed off of my iTunes library... but not Coti. He stayed.

I was sitting in my living room, across the street from where they were playing the live show. I was editing something on my computer, and suddenly the music took me back to that place. That road. That window. That song. I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and quickly going down to the show.

I was planning on being really nice and smart about it. Only going as far as I possibly could before people got really pushy. I wasn't going to be shoved around with my camera on me. So I just politely went in between the pockets of space between people, stopped, and took pictures. Then something unexpected happened: people directly in front of me started noticing the giant lens right next to their shoulder. They would then turn around, see me, apologize, and insist on letting me go by. I was a bit confused at first, until I realized that seeing the size of my camera they were all assuming that I was part of the press, trying to get a decent photo for a local newspaper or something. Of course, I knew that if that were the case I should have had a press pass, but they didn't and were still insisting that I go in front of them. I simply smiled, said thank you, and walked on by. I never once asked to go in front of anyone. This kept happening over and over, and before I knew it... I was in the front row! Such a great night. I loved the light show. Such an improvement from all the other shows I'd ever shot. The experience overall was amazing, and I really liked the images I was able to get, so here's a few! :)







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